NHF Calls on Congress and Federal Agencies to Conduct Oversight Of Current Care Models for Migraine Patients

Older Prescription Drugs in a Stepwise Approach Needs Health Insurance Overhaul

Chicago, IL, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tom Dabertin, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director of the National Headache Foundation (NHF) is calling on members of Congress and regulatory agencies to conduct oversight of health insurance payers for uneven treatment of migraine patients. On January 19, NHF issued a science-based statement to medical journals and the media, arguing “current care models have not kept pace with the many advances in treatment.”

The week of January 24, NHF sent its fact-filled statement on current models of migraine care to every member of Congress.

Dabertin said the influx of supportive comments from thousands of migraine patients, trade publications, and sister non-profit organizations advocating for prevention and improvements in headache and migraine diagnosis and treatment demonstrates both the need and support for this initiative.

According to Dabertin, “Healthcare providers and patients are frustrated that payers are forcing them to use older medications, some of which are not even designed for the specific treatment of migraine, even though new migraine-specific therapies now exist. To enhance provider-patient collaborative care, the NHF advocates those payers adopt care models that are patient-centric, where the clinician in collaboration with the patient, is the primary decision-maker and selects a treatment that addresses the patient’s treatment goals and needs.”

Dabertin encourages policymakers, regulatory bodies, and patient advocates to digest and act on the NHF statement at https://headaches.org/2022/01/19/national-headache-foundation-position-statement-on-the-treatment-of-migraine/

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National Headache Foundation's Position Statement on Migraine Treatment

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