Professional Racecar Driver Lindsay Brewer Acquires and Relaunches EVO With New Team

Investors can support athletes along their individual journeys and reap the benefits of their success similar to a traditional stock investment.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lindsay Brewer, a professional racecar driver and celebrity influencer, has officially acquired and relaunched EVO alongside her manager and serial entrepreneur Christian Young and with the help of former public markets executive Simon Yu. The leadership team plans to change the way fans interact with their favorite idols forever through EVO, a consumer-facing platform that allows the general public to invest into the businesses of athletes, influencers, and celebrities. 

EVO's model involves gathering skilled professional athletes, social media influencers, e-sports gamers, and celebrities across different markets and providing them with world-class development and support for their careers, businesses, and projects. In exchange, EVO investors receive a share of future earnings, allowing "VIP" individuals on the platform to share their journey with their fans.

"The future of successful crowdfunded businesses lies within the power of a platform like EVO that leverages the social media power of celebrity entrepreneurs and their ability to connect their fans to their journey, businesses, and projects," said Brewer, co-CEO of EVO.  

"We are excited to take the torch from the previous CEO, John Norman, and help build off of what he has accomplished with EVO thus far," said Young, co-CEO of EVO.  

The primary use case for the EVO platform will be for long-term investments that will be used to assist VIP projects over the course of an extended period of time. With EVO's expert scout team working to identify and sign promising talent to the platform, investors will place their trust in athletes who have potential to become high earners in their respective sports.

However, as with any investment, there is risk involved. Some athletes may flourish and go on to become high earners as a result of their success, while others may not earn money quickly, or at all. Upon making an investment, EVO users receive real stock in EVO - one share of Class B, non-voting common stock for every $0.75 invested. In addition to owning equity, EVO sets aside 5% of the earnings of each EVO athlete and distributes that pool of money pro-rata to all investors on an annual basis.

Currently, EVO has partnered with athletes and organizations within the racing, golf, and hand-to-hand combat industries. Andretti Autosport, led by racing legend Michael Andretti, has been brought on to help scout future drivers. The organization boasts a wide racing portfolio rooted in tradition and designed for success. Don Schumacher Racing has also joined forces with EVO, as the winningest team in NHRA history looks to create opportunities for its fans to get involved with their racing heroes. 

Lindsay Brewer is no stranger to racing and social media, having amassed over 3 million total followers across multiple platforms while building her racing career as a former karting champion, Saleen S1 Podium winner, and Formula 4 driver.  

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About Evolution Development Group

EVO is a revolutionary athlete-development company that will give professional athletes the support they need to become tomorrow's champions, by empowering fans to invest in their journey.

Fans from around the world can invest in EVO through the purchase of shares of the company's stock. As EVO athletes succeed, a portion of their winnings are shared with EVO and its investors.

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