Access Vascular Inc. Partners with Healthcare Insights to Develop New MedTech Value-Based Care Program

Access Vascular aims to usher in new model of value-based care delivery for medical devices as it supports hospitals in their mission to transform vascular access outcomes

BILLERICA, Mass., Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Access Vascular, Inc. (AVI), today announced its partnership with Healthcare Insights (HCIS) to build a value-based care program that can more broadly support hospital customers as they deploy the company’s groundbreaking biomaterial-based catheters to improve vascular access medical and economic outcomes.

“While not yet uniformly implemented across the U.S. healthcare system, value-based care is coming to MedTech,” said James Biggins, CEO at Access Vascular, Inc. “We are excited and honored to partner with HCIS to craft our own innovative approach and to help lay the foundation for how other medical device companies can more effectively work with hospitals in this coming era of medicine.”

AVI is leveraging decades of hospital administration, clinical and reimbursement expertise from HCIS in the development of its outcome-based care program for hospitals in the United States. The program focuses on helping acute care facilities reduce practice variation and standardize procedural practice for improved outcomes and reduced costs associated wth vascular access complications such as thrombosis, infections, replacments and readmissions.

“Two recent studies of AVI’s HydroPICC® and HydroMID® devices demonstrated a significant reduction – in some cases as much as 100% - in complications such as occlusions, replacements, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and phlebitis as compared to traditional catheters,” said Dr. Gary Ansel, principal at HCIS. “This positions AVI to play a significant role in improving medical and economic outcomes for vascular access procedures, serving as the basis for a true value-based care solution.”

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Access Vascular was founded to address the most common and costly complications of intravenous therapy: infection, thrombosis, and phlebitis. Taking a foundationally different approach to thrombus reduction, the company manufactures intravenous catheters from a hydrophilic material which retains significant amounts of water. Engineered to mimic the body’s natural chemistry, Access Vascular catheters are designed to evade the foreign body response and complications that come with it. Our award-winning, FDA-cleared products are HydroPICC® and HydroMID®. For more information, please visit

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