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GLASGOW, Scotland, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire -- The FEG project ("FEG," “FEG Token” or “FEGtoken”) launches SmartDeFi™ today, its revolutionary cryptocurrency launchpad platform.

SmartDeFi, the flagship cryptocurrency launchpad of the Feed Every Gorilla (“FEG”) Token project, is now live. SmartDeFi™ is a breakthrough in crypto technology bringing bare, unrivaled protection for investors, and the most cost-effective and streamlined means by which businesses, non-profits and governments can securely launch a cryptocurrency.

Powered by industry-leading technology, SmartDeFi will eradicate rug pulls and honeypots, making it the safest way to invest in crypto. The SmartDeFi™ launchpad allows anyone to create and launch a new token or convert existing tokens, using a custom-built template that prevents all forms of smart-contract manipulation. Honeypots are impossible, and all liquidity is used to enable market trading of SmartDeFi™ tokens and is seamlessly locked forever within each token’s smart contract. When investors purchase a SmartDeFi™ token, they do so with the assurance that their funds cannot be stolen.

SmartDeFi also introduces for the first time, a revolutionary Asset Backing technology. A new gold standard for crypto, each SmartDeFi™ token is backed by a separate locked pool of funds that consistently grows with each transaction. While the market price of a cryptocurrency typically fluctuates, the funds within this Asset Backing pool can never decrease. This ever-increasing Asset Backing pool gives SmartDeFi™ tokens a secondary price — an inherent value that investors can always access. No matter what happens to the market value of any SmartDeFi™ token, investors can elect to burn tokens in exchange for their share of the growing Asset Backing pool.

Investors in SmartDeFi™ projects can also access the groundbreaking SmartLend platform. Each SmartDeFi™ token’s Asset Backing value can be leveraged towards interest-free, short-term loans. This innovative technology replaces traditional savings accounts by offering growing asset value without the need to sell holdings. Paired with the innovative Smart Rising Price Floor and fWrap technologies, which automatically build liquidity and bolster the SmartDeFi™ token’s price, investors can now cover real-world expenses while continuing to enjoy capital appreciation.

The new SmartDeFi™ platform is the world’s first all-in-one cryptocurrency launchpad designed around ease of use and cost-effectiveness for project leaders, businesses and other organizations. Token creation on the SmartDeFi™ launchpad requires no coding, just a selection of variables, such as holder reflections and asset backing percentages. Liquidity is effortlessly migrated or generated using the SmartDeFi™ Deployer’s custom-built presale function, which securely transfers and locks raised funds within the new SmartDeFi™ token’s contract — all without third-party interaction.

Each SmartDeFi™ token is an exchange within itself. Token creators can integrate a simple widget into their organization’s website, enabling rapid and secure trading without listing on any third-party crypto exchange. Because the SmartDeFi platform uses a highly secure contract template to launch tokens, there is no need for expensive crypto developers or contract audits. There are no launching fees and only a 0.5% fee on raised liquidity, so the total cost to launch a SmartDeFi™ token is tiny by current industry standards. Projects, businesses, non-profits and governments can now launch tokens in a few simple steps, allowing focus on marketing, growth and organizational goals, not token technology.

The SmartDeFi revolution has begun. As perhaps the most innovative crypto technology since Bitcoin, SmartDeFi™ is changing the future of finance. Crypto investors can forget about rug pulls, honeypots and other manipulation attempts and theft. Asset Backing technology has changed the way we think about investments, replacing traditional savings with an ever-increasing and highly functional intrinsic value. No longer are organizations at the mercy of expensive third-party platforms to create and launch cryptocurrencies. SmartDeFi™ is here — bringing within reach for everyone the financial freedom that crypto technology promises.

More Information About FEG and SmartDeFi

SmartDeFi is the revolutionary cryptocurrency launchpad platform built by the FEG Token project and is a key component of the decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto exchange FEGex | The future of crypto exchange. FEGex (or “FEGexchange”) currently operates on Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, and will soon expand to several other leading blockchains. FEG and SmartDeFi is dedicated to providing safe, secure, and easy access to crypto markets through the development of cutting-edge technology.

In addition to SmartDeFi, FEGex also offers asset growth opportunities with f-wrapping technology, portfolio tracking with FEGtrack, high-quality crypto market charting with FEGcharts, staking rewards, and much more. The FEG entire ecosystem is built around and powered by the FEG Token.


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