YouTube’s Largest Basketball Influencer, The Professor, Launches $CROSS Token

The World’s Most Recognizable Streetball Player, The Professor, Launches $CROSS to Give Fans Exclusive Benefits

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Social media superstar and professional basketball athlete, The Professor, has entered the Web3 world, partnering with social-token platform Roll and Web3 company Fetti to create his own currency, the $CROSS token.

With over 16 million followers across all social platforms and 2 billion views, The Professor is the largest basketball influencer on YouTube and arguably the most recognizable streetball player in the world. He’s using $CROSS as a way to interact with his community and the basketball community at large, allowing them to gain exclusive access to NFTs, content, and experiences. A portion of proceeds from $CROSS will be used to donate towards philanthropic organizations Ray of Light, and Love More.

“Web3 is allowing creators to provide value to their communities in unprecedented ways,” said The Professor. “I’m excited to lead a movement for basketball fans to connect, build relationships, and help each other succeed. The name of the game isn’t about which platform to use anymore, it’s about becoming the platform. $CROSS is that first step.”

Roll mints social tokens like $CROSS on the Ethereum blockchain, and has limited the entire supply to 10 million tokens. Fans will need to purchase or earn $CROSS in the community in order to become holders. Anyone who holds 50 $CROSS will be able to access private channels on The Professor’s new Discord and interact with him and other basketball legends. In addition, fans can purchase $CROSS to redeem rewards. 

“YouTube thinks of communities as views, Twitch thinks of communities as streams, Discord thinks of communities as servers, at Roll we leverage blockchain to power communities that can plug into all of the above and more,” said Bradley Miles, CEO of Roll.

Co-founded by James Mehregani and Ali Adab, Fetti was founded to empower the world’s largest creators to build their own economies and directly reward their fans. “For over a decade, we’ve seen direct-to-fan relationships evolve through social media,” said Adab.  “Web3 is facilitating even deeper community engagement by allowing fans to directly support the creators they love and in turn be rewarded for their loyalty in ways that weren’t possible before the advent of blockchain.” 

For more information, you can visit The Professor’s official Discord channel.


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