New Nitya Capital Expansions Grace Student Housing Sectors

Houston-Based Multifamily Organization Explores New University-Focused Opportunities

Houston, Texas, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the demand for undergraduate education continues to rise within the scope of decades, more and more students are flocking to renowned universities across the country. This, in turn, has led to a substantial increase in the overall importance of student housing within multifamily markets, providing students with the required space they need throughout their time at university. 

Located in Houston, Texas, and founded by famed CEO Swapnil Agarwal, Nitya Capital has recently announced major acquisition breakthroughs within the student housing world when it comes to providing investors with top real estate investing opportunities. Recent acquisitions such as the College Station, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and Boone, North Carolina regions have allowed the company to achieve new leeway into the student housing sector, allowing investors to fully capitalize on the biggest multifamily markets in the area. 

 Student Housing remains a major driving factor for many academics across the country, with many students flocking to major multifamily properties in order to obtain on-campus access to the biggest universities in the state. With an increased demand for higher education, more and more universities are bolstering the need for student housing developments, providing real estate investors with prime opportunities to take advantage of major student housing-based portfolios. 

 Nitya Capital has pursued a wide variety of ambitious investment opportunities in the past, with an array of successful property closings under its belt. Some of its most recent successes include the closing of its recent entry into the Jacksonville, Florida area, as well as its recent acquisition of several multifamily apartments across major cities, including those in Indianapolis, Nashville, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  

 The company has recently provided an online investing platform for all investors looking to capitalize on major student housing properties, as well as those looking for high-demand multifamily opportunities across the globe. All interested parties can visit the company’s main investment platform link at 


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