Ütndr: The budtender gig economy is here

Video chat Ür favorite budtender. Cannabis to your door.

DENVER, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CannabisNewsWire -- Ütndr, the world's first and only work-from-home, professional budtending platform, announces it has officially launched in Denver, Colorado, with hundreds of budtenders as of Twosday, 2/22/22 at 2:22 p.m.

This is an industry disruption made possible by a collaboration between doobbaMighty Tree and Ütndr.

On Ütndr, skilled Ütndrs (budtenders) provide direct video chat support to consumers making online cannabis purchases. 

In Denver, all cannabis products are provided by Mighty Tree, acting as an industry-wide consolidation point for Colorado retailers and brands, as well as featuring its own high-quality inventory. This creates the first multi-retailer, single-cart, budtender-supported platform for customers in Denver.

All deliveries are provided by doobba, Denver's first cannabis delivery company and social equity licensee. 

Ütndrs on the platform are independent providers setting their own schedules, attending to hails or driving traffic, and receiving compensation directly for all consultations they oversee. Additionally, Ütndrs earn residually from the shopping activity of any user registered through their page on an ongoing basis. 

The platform empowers talented cannabis experts to leverage their audience and personal brand by moving their professional career to an online home, where the earning potential and control over work-life balance dramatically exceeds the retail environment.

Become a Ütndr

For those shopping for cannabis, a multistore inventory and all of the talented budtenders in the whole city are now on one platform. You can have an intimate consultation around cannabis from home, on your own schedule, with the Ütndr you want!

Featuring searchable profiles of hundreds of the top budtenders in the Denver area, Ütndr enables Denverites shopping on the platform to instantly hail a Ütndr at any time while shopping, or they may pre-book to consult with the Ütndr of their choice. 

The platform ushers in the era of relationship-based budtending, creating an opportunity for cannabis consumers and budtenders to connect over and over again in a deepening journey toward the best possible outcomes. This enables long-term, stable careers for great budtenders and personally curated product recommendations for consumers from someone who really knows their needs.

Ütndr LLC is proud to announce the creation of cannabis 4.0: the industry-disruptive gig economy for budtenders and the world's first relationship-based cannabis marketplace. 

Stay in touch! Next launch: Canada wide! 

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