Record Number of Collector Car Loans in the Phoenix Valley Reflects Record-setting Auction Sales

January auctions across the valley floor close in on $275 million as Woodside Credit grew loan volume 68% compared to January 2020

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Woodside Credit, offering collector car loans with the lowest monthly payments in America, strengthened its position as the leading lender in the collector car space with record-setting loan funding results. With a 68% increase compared to January 2020, this milestone underscores the sustained long-term growth of Woodside Credit. 

"The Phoenix metro continues to be a top market for collector vehicles, and we're pleased to start this year with even more momentum," said Mitch Shatzen, President and Chief Operating Officer at Woodside Credit. “Our commitment to commonsense lending along with the convenience of eSign has helped drive us past $2 billion in loan fundings.” 

Only Woodside Credit serves collector car enthusiasts everywhere across the Country with an industry-leading digital lending experience coupled with low monthly payments. From e-sign to virtual vehicle verifications, Woodside credit makes it easy to purchase a collector vehicle at an auction, through a private party, or at a dealership.  

The classic and collector car market powered through pandemic challenges over the past two years reaching new heights in sales and collector car values, setting the stage for the current market strength. Statista’s market projections indicate the continued expansion of this market, with an additional $3 billion in projected growth over the next three years.

"The Woodside Credit program continues to offer borrowers the lowest monthly payments in America," explains Mr. Shatzen. "Our savvy clients tell us how our program helps them keep their money working harder for them elsewhere while enjoying the collector cars of their dreams.” 

In addition to a focus on the Phoenix market, Woodside Credit serves its borrowers and dealers in all 50 states through its nationwide lending professionals and headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Woodside Credit ranks as one of the Fastest-Growing Midsize Private Companies by the Orange County Business Journal. For more information visit Woodside Credit's website.

About Woodside Credit 

With over $2 billion in loan originations, Woodside Credit is the leader in classic and collector car financing. Established in 2003, the company's expertise is rooted in providing loans with flexible terms and the lowest monthly payments in America. Woodside Credit is dedicated to the success of dealerships and clients nationwide. With terms up to 15 years and loans up to $800,000, the company achieves unparalleled quality and flexibility for clients through its commonsense lending practices. Visit for more information.

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