Nitya Capital Seizes Prime Multi-City Portfolio

Real Estate Investing Firm Maximizes Reach Across the Country with Ambitious Investment Opportunity

Houston, Texas, Feb. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a major frontrunner in the world of real estate investing, Nitya Capital is no stranger when it comes to seeking out highly ambitious investment opportunities designed to boost returns through direct investor-operator engagement. Its online real estate platform has additionally provided investors with new ways to take advantage of the biggest real estate portfolios without the presence of third-party fees. The company’s continued expansion across diverse real estate markets has allowed investors to pursue some of the biggest acquisitions across the country, with new plans currently underway to extend Nitya’s reach towards overseas markets in the future.  

Founded by CEO Swapnil Agarwal, the Houston-based company continues to signal robust growth and success within major multifamily sectors, recently announcing the acquisition of one of the largest portfolios in its history with the advent of its Multi-City Portfolio project. This large 11-asset portfolio contains substantial real estate opportunities located in some of the biggest high-growth cities in the United States, including Dallas, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Los Angeles.  

Each city offers a tantalizing draw for investors, given their recent population growth, affordable cost of living, and booming economies, as well as their growing IT/Tech industries. Through the portfolio's growth-focused city-centered assets, investors have the chance to elicit significantly strong returns in their overall investments, capitalizing on a diversified blend of development, migration, and technologically motivated latitudes for profit. The portfolio comes complete with a target equity multiple of 2.1X, an average cash yield of 9%, a target IRR of 18%, and total equity of $100.1M.  

Nitya Capital is seeking to keep up its upward climb towards the biggest multifamily acquisitions in the real estate industry, providing investors with substantial scope in their investment options by way of showcasing some of the biggest regions and industries in the country. Through recent acquisitions like the Multi-City Portfolio, Nitya continues to pave the way for bold new projects in the months to come, cementing its overall growth into one of the leading contenders in multifamily investing.  

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