UpCity Survey Results: 2022 Small Business Outsourcing Statistics

82% of small businesses have increased business process outsourcing since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

CHICAGO, Feb. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UpCity has announced the results of a survey asking small business owners and employees about their business process outsourcing activities.

The survey post, Small Business Outsourcing Statistics: A Deep Dive Into 2022, gathers insight from more than 600 small business professionals in the United States and Canada about their current outsourcing practices, including how they find and vet potential outsourcing partners, what business functions they outsource for, what they are hoping to achieve through outsourcing, and more. Respondents work in a wide range of industries, including education, information services, healthcare, agriculture, and construction, among others.

Statistical highlights include:

  • 35% of businesses surveyed have been outsourcing certain business functions for 1-2 years.
  • Results showed that the most popular aspects of outsourcing were an increase in flexibility (21%) and greater efficiency (19%).
  • Strong problem-solving skills was the most important trait small businesses are looking for when choosing an outsourcing partner.
  • 30% of outsourced teams in the United States are located in the Midwest.
  • Referrals (20%) and social media (19%) are the top two ways businesses surveyed find their outsourcing partners.

Jack Thornburg, VP of Organic Growth at UpCity, says that small businesses utilizing outsourced teams makes a lot of sense, particularly as it relates to rapid technological changes and the drive to remain competitive in their markets.

“To keep up with the constantly evolving landscape in nearly every industry, many small businesses take the burden of specific ‘behind-the-scenes’ functions and processes off their plate so they can focus on what they do best,” Jack says. “Leaving certain activities to the experts who do that kind of work every day eliminates the need for time-consuming training in-house, ensures the work is done correctly, and helps these companies achieve their primary business objectives more efficiently.”

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