Vytelle Expands Network of Bovine In Vitro Fertilization Laboratories;

Three Additional Labs Accessible to Cattle Producers by the End of the First Quarter

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vytelle is progressing on a five-year plan to provide accessible hormone-free bovine in vitro fertilization (IVF) to producers across the globe. Part of the five-year plan, initiated at the conclusion of their Series A Funding, promised to double the laboratory capacity to produce bovine embryos through in vitro fertilization.

Vytelle's integrated technology platform combines Vytelle ADVANCE, a breakthrough in vitro fertilization technology, with Vytelle SENSE, an animal performance data capture system, and Vytelle INSIGHT, an artificial intelligence based genetic analytics engine. The platform provides progressive cattle producers the technology to make reliable data-driven mating decisions that improve the predictability of genetic progress replicating the right genetics faster through the most modern hormone-free in vitro fertilization process. Vytelle’s integrated platform has seen rapid growth since its launch in 2020, currently serving cattle producers in 21 countries.

“Cattle producers across the globe require rapid genetic progress to meet the growing protein demand from consumers” commented Kerryann Kocher, CEO of Vytelle. “We’re delivering accessible hormone-free in vitro fertilization solutions for producers to replicate their elite genetics faster, closer to their operation.”

The three laboratories will be operational and accessible to cattle producers within the first quarter of 2022.

  • New York, USA – Located in Albany, New York, dairy and beef seedstock producers will be able to access Vytelle’s hormone-free IVF through on-farm ovum pick-ups and satellite locations, coming soon to the region.

  • Texas, USA – The Brock, Texas laboratory is situated near the recently added, Hoofstock Genetics POWERED BY VYTELLE satellite in Ranger. The Brock laboratory will add even greater flexibility for producers in Texas and across the United States to access Vytelle’s hormone-free IVF.

  • Florida, USA – Serving producers in the Southeast region of the United States, the Gainesville, Florida laboratory will meet the growing demand for a reliable hormone-free IVF solution. 

Producers are able to access Vytelle’s reliable bovine hormone-free IVF solution by bringing as few as one donor to any of the more than 20+ satellite locations across the United States or by scheduling an on-farm ovum pick-up. Visit www.vytelle.com to learn more.


About Vytelle

Vytelle is a precision livestock company reshaping how cattle producers worldwide optimize their herds. Through Vytelle’s integrated technology platform, generations of genetic gains can be made in just a few years. This allows producers to sustainably deliver more protein with fewer inputs, helping to ensure meat and milk are viable, competitive food choices for future generations.


Precision livestock company, Vytelle, expands bovine in vitro fertilization laboratory network.

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