Michael Hyatt Joins Triad Partners as Strategic Partner

With Full Focus on Helping Elite Advisors Live Their Best Lives

LAWRENCE, Kan., March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triad Partners has one goal for the advisors it works with: Create unlimited growth and freedom in business and life. The firm believes that with the right guidance, advisors can do this in much less time than they ever imagined.  

In order to get the right guidance, advisors need the right coaches, community and mentors. That's why Triad Partners has added world-class business coach and growth expert, Michael Hyatt, as a strategic partner. Hyatt's company, Full Focus, offers full performance coaching for high-achieving leaders, helping them accelerate growth and live the lives they've always wanted.

"The standard thinking is that hard work and putting in more time will increase your production - and you will be more successful," said Triad Partners Founder Shawn Sparks. "But we don't believe that. If your success doesn't equate to more freedom and a better quality of life as you grow, then it's not success at all. It's just wasted time."

Hyatt shares a similar outlook and calls success in life and work a "double win" for business owners. "You don't have to compromise your personal life to achieve professional success," Hyatt said. "You can have both. Triad Partners gets that, and I believe in the mission they are on. I'm excited to work with them and the advisors they serve to help them accomplish this."

For Hyatt, the "Double Win" isn't just a concept; he's lived it. While serving as the CEO of a $250 million publishing company, Hyatt grew tired of the endless hustle. He developed a plan to succeed at work while creating a more sustainable quality of life. Today, he teaches top-level business owners how to do the same. In fact, his company is one of the most sought-after coaching programs for entrepreneurs and high-level executives in the country, oftentimes coming with a high five-figure price tag.

When Triad started, Triad didn't want to limit the value it could give its advisors. So Triad offers out-of-the-box solutions in order to create change top-level advisors want and need. This is why Triad added a world-class expert like Hyatt to its community.

"We believe in doing business and doing life together, they are intertwined," Sparks said. "This aligns with Michael's Double Win philosophy and values perfectly, so this was a perfect fit. As a strategic partner, Hyatt will be a vital part of the Triad community. Instead of just speaking on stage for a one-hour presentation then disappearing in the back, Michael is an active part of our community."

Many advisors want to build a truly scalable business, they just don't have the right guidance and active coaching in order to do it. Triad Partners is solving this problem with its unique business model, which focuses on business development as opposed to being just an annuity product vendor that many FMOs tend to be.

Triad focuses on helping its advisors build a business that leads to a better work-life balance rather than only focusing on increasing production. Triad has full-time, in-house business development coaches, a rolodex of expert mentors and a community of unmatched top advisors.

About Triad Partners
Triad Partners is the most elite group of advisors, strategic partners and FMO business development professionals in the U.S. Visit triadpartners.com for more information or to inquire about membership.

About Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt is a highly sought-after coach and speaker who helps high achievers live their best lives. Learn more about Michael and his company, Full Focus, by visiting fullfocus.co.

Contact: Shawn Sparks, Triad Partners founder | ShawnS@triadpartners.com | 316.361.7013

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Image 1: Michael Hyatt Joins Triad Partners as Strategic Partner

Triad Partners has one goal for the advisors it works with: Create unlimited growth and freedom in business and life.

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Michael Hyatt Joins Triad Partners as Strategic Partner