Harvest Trading Cap's first social project ¨A roof for my grandfather¨

Harvest Trading Cap starts its first social housing project using NFT in El Salvador

MIAMI, March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mr. Jairo Gonzalez, CEO of Harvest Trading Cap, and his entourage were present in the municipality of Santa Ana on March 2, 2022. They were formally received by the Deputy of Santa Ana Victor Guirola, the Alternate Deputy of the Department of Santa Ana Mr. Jose Safie and the Rector of Andragogy Autonomous University Dr. Roberto Torres.

Harvest Trading Cap together with the Jerusalem Foundation and political leaders launch the first crowdfunding project using NFT technology.

Marta Lima Ortiz, a sweet 83 year old woman will be the first beneficiary of this project, due to her low income and her way of living. The committee has decided to award her with a wonderful house where she will be able to live more comfortably and with everything she needs, representing the percentage of people living in housing deficit in the country of El Salvador.

Lima is a victim of the high percentage of housing deficit in El Salvador. She expressed feeling very grateful for what they are doing for her, she feels supported and with tears in her eyes she said that she has no way to repay what they are doing for her.

Mr. Jairo González added, "We assure you that you will have your house very soon, you have become the mother of all those who will collaborate with this project."

Congressman Guirola stated that they will be supplying food and furnishing their future home. Likewise the Alternate Deputy of the Department of Santa Ana Mr. José Safie highlighted that in support of the use of new technologies and the projects of the Bitcoin law approvals developed by President Nayib Bukele have given start to this first project in NFT for fundraising around the world.

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Jairo Gonzalez, Gregorix Polanco, Victor Guirola, Roberto Torres and José Safie with Marta Lima Ortiz, the first beneficiary of A roof for my grandfather. Marta Lima after receiving the news that she will have her own house.

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