Valiot's AI Capabilities Are Revolutionizing the Value Chain

Manufacturers can now predict and react to unexpected changes in the Value Chain

AUSTIN, Texas, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After closing a 2.5 M round in October 2021, Valiot has further enhanced their manufacturing software, this time through the use of digital twin technology. Artificial Intelligence capabilities applied to the Value Chain have empowered manufacturers to predict and react to unexpected changes in every part of the Value Chain, including Demand, Supply, Production, and Distribution. This allows companies to manage problems before they actually occur, and prevent costly mistakes.

Federico Crespo, CEO of Valiot, explains: "Digital twin technologies and Artificial Intelligence have reinvented the way we support the manufacturers we partner with. We can now show our clients inefficiencies on the factory floor and how to fix them." Changes to the value chain come from different directions. By using AI capabilities, manufacturers can predict these factors by simulating events such as demand spikes or production shortages and preemptively adjusting their systems to avoid future losses.

For example, Valiot helped a chemical factory reduce costs and optimize inventory balance via the systems' ValueChainOS. Not only were production cycle times, manufacturing costs, and utility consumption all drastically reduced, but the UX of the application allows for clear and real-time communication between stakeholders.

About Valiot: Valiot uses AI to unleash the true value of your supply chain. It allows for self-regulated and smarter operations. It reduces human reliability and predicts optimal ways for your factory to run. Based in Austin, Texas, the company is continuously analyzing information to predict and fix production behaviors and bottlenecks. Rather than losing time tracking down handwritten manufacturing logs, rescheduling production sequences, and manually entering information into spreadsheets, operators are empowered to streamline and maximize the efficiency of multiple factories at once while having a better overview of the entire value chain. 

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