KALA Network – The Next Generation Web3 SocialFi Investment Platform

SINGAPORE, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KALA TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Along with the blossoming development of the crypto market, decentralized finance (DeFi) experienced rapid innovation in the past year. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao predicted that SocialFi and GameFi will be the main drivers in 2022. SocialFi, which stands for “social finance,” is a term that represents the merger of social networking and DeFi. The crypto market is relatively new but it keeps constantly growing with more than 300 million holders, as reported by crypto.com. However, investors are "fragmented" because of too many unqualified choices on forums or social channels. Grasping the situation, KALA Network forms an investment community, where everyone can vote, share insights or market judgments, and even invest together for mutual interests, avoiding rug pull and scam. The platform concentrates on crypto investment thus creating a one-stop investment-centric social network.

KALA Network creates a SocialFi investment platform with outstanding solutions.

Instead of posting daily-life statuses or images on social media, KALA users are urged to focus on sharing investment-related information such as market signals, investing knowledge, or project research. Financial rewards are also one of the major advantages SocialFi platforms offer over traditional social media. Users and content creators can derive direct monetary benefits for publishing and sharing content. With reward mechanisms, users are given valuable incentives to post quality content that will generate traction.

KALA Network was created with the mission of bringing possible solutions, pushing the crypto market to a new stage of development. KALA's one-stop investment platform provides multiple tools for supporting its members from practical knowledge to trading strategies. The current market still faces several issues since it is fragmented, volatile, and relatively new. For instance, to learn reliable information, new investors have to look for and join various different channels, making it hard to get the news quickly and accurately. In addition, although the interest in crypto is huge, it is not easy for project owners to find and reach out to the mass crypto investment community that shares the same interest to promote their projects. KALA Network brings an all-in-one solution to tackle these problems for investors, content creators, and project owners with outstanding features, including:

KALA Network Launchpad

  • Launchpad

KALA Launchpad is designed to be the multi-chain listing platform for various crypto projects. Users are entitled to vote for their favorite projects to get listed. Verified by the community, only standout projects will be launched and receive investment/crowdfunding from the community. The feature brings more investment opportunities to KALA users and also helps the listed projects expand their user base.

  • Social Workdrop & Reward System

KALA Network provides a grand system throughout the platform, which enhances social aspects and allows users to earn through almost every activity. Particularly, creators can earn by creating premium contents, aka create-2-earn while users are able to earn by interacting with, aka Engage-2-Earn exclusive features. On the other hand, influencers can build fandoms with their loyal followers and earn incentives/dividends from their curated content. KALA Network users are entitled to own what they create and make money from these products. Additionally, project owners/fund managers are facilitated to engage with the audience and promote their project and investors. 

  • Trading System

KALA Network provides a full-fledged social trading system with an investment pool model. Strategy providers are listed using KALA's unique classification and scoring system. An investment pool will allow the investor to invest into the projects for the long-term, while the trading pool will allow users to get benefits from price speculation and volatility in shorter terms. Trading will be projected to be the busiest activity throughout the whole KALA Network ecosystem.  

The one-stop platform provides various investment options.

The ecosystem allows users to join their favorite guild and elect their leaders, experts, researchers that make the utmost key tactics for the guild to obtain investment gain. While every KALA Network user shares the same interest in crypto, the guild system helps further classify the user base into smaller groups with common interests. Besides, guilds can compete with each other in investment activities on KALA Network, including investment battles, tournaments, crowdfunding, GameFi, NFT transactions, etc. Moreover, guild members can earn rewards, badges, titles by competing with others and have their names shown in the guild’s Hall of Fame.

On KALA Network, each user will have their own decentralized digital identity - Web3 profile, which is similar to social network profile but built on Web3. The user profile includes not only social information but also achievements, badges, investment activities, and NFT collections unique to the KALA Network. This places an emphasis on the individual user in contrast to the community-centric guild system.

Web3 Profile on the Blockchain

KALA Network is dedicated to being the pioneer that creates a highly accessible one-stop SocialFi investment platform and allows the mass audience to access crypto investment and build their wealth in a smart and functional way. The project development team consists of members with many years of experience in the fields of technology, finance, blockchain, etc. The professional consultancy and support from reputable partners and VCs not only provide KALA Network with optimal development strategies but also help expand its community.

KALA NETWORK (KLNW) token IDO is scheduled to be launched on April 12, 2022 on several platforms. Besides, KLNW Pre-IDO will be initiated in the form of NFTO from Genesis Shards on March 12, 2022. With a unique all-in-one model, KALA Network is expected to become an ideal space where everyone can easily connect, share information with each other, and mostly seek investment opportunities. Currently, KALA Network's first version is available on iOS and Android.

Learn more about KALA Network at:

Website: https://kala.network/

Docs: https://docs.kala.network/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/kala_network_community

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kala.network

Medium: https://kala-network.medium.com/

Contact information: info@kala.network


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