Yamaha Motor adds Goodpath Wellness Benefit to Underscore its Persistence, Innovation, and Vision in Employee Management

CYPRESS, Calif., March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA today announced the addition of Goodpath to the company’s wellness benefits lineup, offering integrative, whole-person care for back and neck pain, digestive issues, troubled sleep, and more.

Goodpath, the Boston-based digital, integrative clinic, provides treatment focused on the whole person and underlying factors, rather than symptoms alone. This integrative approach combines the best of conventional and complementary medicine for better outcomes and lasting results.

“Our Team is always looking to improve the way we care for our employees and recruit future talent. We find Goodpath is a great fit for building a healthier culture of care for our family of employees,” said Chris Stehman, Vice President of Human Resources at Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA. “The innovative, results-driven approach of Goodpath will also be a compelling value-add in our future recruiting efforts for all our facilities in the U.S.”

Yamaha’s partnership with Goodpath gives employees access to innovative care to help avoid injury, reduce stress and anxiety, and aid in recovery. Yamaha employees enrolled with Goodpath get 100% personalized care that covers a range of treatments, all in one easy-to-access resource. For instance, someone with back pain may get exercise therapy plus meditation for stress relief, an anti-inflammatory diet guide, topicals for pain management, and an ergonomic assessment. This is delivered in a unique digital and physical mix and supported by 1:1 dedicated coaching that all leads to strong employee engagement and health outcomes.

“We’re pleased to bring our brand of complete care to Yamaha’s employees across the country. It’s clear that Yamaha has a great heart for its people and for improving their quality of life - and we’re very proud to be part of those efforts,” said Bill Gianoukos, co-founder and CEO of Goodpath.

For more information, visit goodpath.com.

About Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (YMUS), is a recognized leader in the outdoor recreation industry. The company's ever-expanding product offerings include Motorcycles and Scooters, ATV and Side-by-Side vehicles, Snowmobiles, WaveRunner Personal Watercraft, Boats, Outboard Motors, Outdoor Power Equipment, Power Assist Bicycles, Golf Cars, Power Assist Wheelchair Systems, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Robotic Machines, Unmanned Helicopters, Accessories, Apparel, Yamalube products, and much more. YMUS products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors and dealers in the United States.

YMUS has a corporate office in California, two corporate offices in Georgia, facilities in Wisconsin and Alabama, and factory operations in Tennessee and Georgia. Additional U.S.-based subsidiaries include Yamaha Marine Systems Company (YMSC) with divisions Bennett Marine (Florida), Kracor Systems (Wisconsin), and Siren Marine, Inc. (Rhode Island), Skeeter Boats (Texas), with division G3 Boats (Missouri), and Yamaha Precision Propeller (Indiana).

About Goodpath
Goodpath provides integrative healthcare for people with chronic conditions that are hard to resolve with single care solutions alone (MSK, Long COVID, Sleep, Digestive Health). Its multidisciplinary, personalized care is delivered digitally and physically, with support from 1:1 health coaching. This unique approach leads to industry-leading enrollment (12%+), significant health improvement (95%), and strong employer ROI (2.8x).

Goodpath was founded in 2018 by Bill Gianoukos, Carl Nehme, and Dr. Akl Fahed in Cambridge, MA. Goodpath is provided as a wellness benefit at leading employers nationally.

Media Contact:
Bob Starr
Corporate Communications Manager
Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.