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GLASGOW, Scotland, March 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire -- The FEG project ("FEG," “FEG Token” or “FEGtoken”) launches the new face of FEGex today, its revolutionary cryptocurrency DeFi platform.

With the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe reaching new heights, today’s investors are searching for the best way to participate in this exciting and rapidly expanding financial industry. Many existing crypto trading platforms are capable, providing a variety of market research and trading tools, but suffer from centralized controls and premium access costs. Others aim to be decentralized, with no geographic restrictions or know-your-customer (“KYC”) requirements, but typically lack many of the features important to investors. Most platforms, whether centralized or decentralized, also too often fail to provide adequate security for their users. Crypto investors have been calling for an all-in-one platform that is available worldwide, highly capable and incredibly secure. Today, that complete solution has arrived.

The FEG Exchange (“FEGex”) has released the latest version of its highly capable platform, giving investors access to the complete spectrum of benefits that cryptocurrencies provide within an incredibly easy to use interface. As the foremost multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, FEGex is available for anyone in the world with a user-friendly design, unmatched set of features and iron-clad security.

The brand-new user interface now combines the powerful market research tools of FEGcharts and FEGstats with the world-class FEGex trading platform into one fully integrated webpage. With tools that are typically held behind significant paywalls on other exchanges, investors using the new FEGex platform have access to premium charting tools, allowing them to conduct their own technical analysis without limitations. When investors connect to the exchange with their cryptocurrency wallet, they can view their entire trading history with a series of marks directly on the chart—displaying the date and time, the value invested and the current value for every transaction. Investors can now research, track and trade any cryptocurrency with incredible ease.

Aside from just trading, the new FEGex UI also incorporates the huge variety of investment tools available in the FEG ecosystem—including crypto f-wrapping, asset staking and liquidity pools. The FEGex f-wrapping technology allows any non-reflectionary token to become reflectionary. Investors can convert their ETH, BNB or other non-reflectionary assets into fETH, fBNB, etc. and begin receiving additional tokens as transactions occur on the exchange. Assets such as the FEG Token can be vested through the integrated FEGex staking protocol, providing significant passive income, based on the exchange’s growing transaction volume. Investors can also enjoy highly competitive rates of return by providing liquidity to the huge variety of liquidity pools available. Because each of these tools are fully incorporated and conveniently located on the new FEGex website, investors can now easily research and select the investment vehicles most appropriate for their portfolio and investment strategy.

SmartSwap is now fully integrated into the new UI as well. A technology available exclusively on FEGex, SmartSwap allows investors to bypass tokenomics taxes and drastically reduce transaction gas fees levied by the blockchain, making high-volume trading significantly cheaper. SmartSwap bypasses all would-be transaction controls set on traditional crypto tokens by nefarious developers, essentially making honey-pot scams impossible. This next-generation technology can be fully levied by investors with the premium charting technology directly on the new FEGex UI, protecting investors and providing a far superior user experience than any other crypto exchange available.

FEGex is one of the few truly decentralized finance (“DeFi”) platforms with no owners, no central authority or control, and no registration or KYC requirements. Users need only connect to the exchange with their cryptocurrency wallet using a Web3 or dAPP browser to enjoy all the features available. The exchange is supported by more than a dozen dedicated high-end servers that are distributed across the globe, ensuring 24-hour availability and resistance to failure. Furthermore, the entire exchange has been thoroughly inspected and vetted by Ateitis, a leading information technology security firm, to ensure that cybersecurity threats are completely mitigated. Because the new FEGex is completely decentralized, has undergone strict penetration testing and was built with tremendous redundancy, investors can rest assured that their transactions and crypto wallets remain secure.

The new FEGex user interface is also fully integrated with SmartDeFi, the most secure token template ever built. Not only can investors now seamlessly research and trade SmartDeFi tokens on the upgraded FEGex UI, but they can track each token’s baseline value as it rises directly on the chart. Should investors choose to burn their tokens in exchange for the asset backing value, or utilize the brand-new SmartDeFi SmartLend technology, the new FEGex UI provides complete access to the tools needed with simple and intuitive navigation. This unprecedented UI update offers yet another reason why SmartDeFi is quickly overtaking traditional cryptocurrency tokens and will be the benchmark crypto asset launchpad for years to come.

The brand-new FEGex user interface has fully integrated the huge portfolio of technology offered by the FEG ecosystem and is changing how we interact with cryptocurrencies into the foreseeable future. With exclusive technology such as SmartSwap and SmartDeFi, investors can thoroughly research and trade cryptocurrencies while ensuring their investments remain safe. As a completely decentralized exchange built from scratch to maximize system redundancy and security, investors from anywhere in the world can buy and sell crypto without the worries of geo-blocking or access controls. With f-wrapping of assets, as well as easy access to liquidity and token staking pools, investors can build their investment strategy to minimize risk and bolster their returns. Developed to be the most user-friendly, safe, and secure DeFi exchange in history, every feature has been perfectly incorporated into the brand-new FEGex UI. Not only is it the complete solution that investors have been looking for, but FEGex is now truly the new face of crypto.

More Information About FEG

FEGex is the multi-chain AMM-based DEX of the FEGtoken (FEG) decentralized finance (DeFi) project. It currently runs on Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. The innovative DeFi platform is striving to make the opportunities that the cryptocurrency space provides more accessible to ordinary users.

Among the features it offers, in addition to FEGex, are fWrapping of assets, SmartDeFi functionality for issuing new assets backed by fWrapped assets, and the FEGtrack portfolio tracking tool. The project’s ecosystem is powered by the FEG protocol and governance token.

FEGex DEX – FEGex.com

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FEGtoken Official Telegram – https://t.me/FEGchat

FEGtoken Official Twitter - @FEGtoken

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