Pier59 Studios Boycotts Russian Productions

NEW YORK, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pier59 Studios (www.pier59studios.com) and Art+Fashion Group (www.artandfashiongroup.com) announce a boycott of Russian productions and Putin supporters, effective immediately, at their 110,000 square foot video-photography complex located at the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, New York City.

As the World’s largest photo-video and multimedia complex, Pier59 Studios has hosted numerous high-end productions for Russian magazines, such us Russian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Russian GQ, L’Officiel Russia, Allure Russia and several others.

Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa, Founder and Chairman of Pier59 Studios and Art+Fashion Group commented: “I take pride in ensuring Pier59 Studios and Art+Fashion Group are open to all, and at the forefront of equal opportunity and pay equity but will not sit idly by as Russia criminally and senselessly invades the sovereign State of Ukraine causing countless deaths, destruction and suffering for millions of people.

Therefore, as of today, my companies will boycott any direct or indirect Russian productions until a criminal like Putin (or the likes) is no longer in power of the Russian Federation.

This boycott will not be applicable to Russian models and/or other individual personnel unless they are in support of Putin’s current policies.

We ask those who are in support of his policies not to enter upon and/or work in our facilities. If we become aware of an individual who supports, or makes comments in support of, Putin while on site they will be asked immediately to vacate the premises and never to return.

Both my personal support for Ukraine, or any sovereign State, and that of my companies’ is unconditional of any aggression or retaliation by Russia or any other country. We need to respect sovereignty and Democracy!”

About Pier59 Studios
Founded in 1995 by Federico Pignatelli and his Art and Fashion Group Corporation, Pier59 Studios is a 110,000 square-foot premiere photography and multimedia studio located at the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, New York City. As the largest photography facility and multimedia studio complex in the world, the space accommodates over 2,500 advertising campaigns annually. The Studios are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a production studio for AR and VR, to accommodate the varied needs of their diverse clientele - which includes videographers, photographers, designers, advertising agencies and television and film production companies. Pier59 Studios features eleven column-free studio spaces, including a 6,500 square-foot sound stage constructed for live performances, special events, video, and commercial projects. Nine studios are naturally lit and feature retractable walls to allow for unparalleled space modularity.

For more information, please email Casey Poore at casey@pier59.com.