Pier59 Studios Calls on the Creative and Advertising Industries to Conceptualize Solutions to Thwart Russian Aggressions

NEW YORK, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PIER59 STUDIOS is inviting all participants of the artistic and advertising industries to propose possible solutions to the Russian military aggression on Ukraine, and its ruthless invasion.

The following are those that Federico Pignatelli, Chairman of Pier59 Studios, is proposing to international political forces and communities:

1) To immediately establish a no-fly zone over all nuclear plants in Ukraine, which pose an unimaginable danger to all Europe. Should these plants be damaged, or lack electrical power, they risk propagating radiation all over Ukraine and Western Europe which would be per se equivalent to the effects of nuclear war. The no-fly zones should be immediately enacted by the European Air Forces, which are superior to their Russian counterparts and more than adequate to protect the air space.

2) To extend the international no-fly zone over hospitals and civilian targets, where the general population is taking refuge from Russian attacks.

3) To immediately reduce the European governments’ importation of oil and gas from Russia by instituting an austerity program in Western Europe which would halt the use of any strictly unnecessary energy consumption, such as that utilized for: lighting advertisements, streetlights, heating on days where the temperatures exceed 3 degrees Celsius, and so on.

4) To continue to arm the Ukrainian forces with latest generation weapons to defend themselves from the indiscriminate Russian attacks.

5) To continue providing humanitarian help to the Ukrainian population with food, water, medicine, and clothing.

6) To enact new, wider, and strict sanctions against all public and private Russian financial institutions and companies and prohibit the purchase of all Russian product, of any kind.

Pignatelli furthered his commentary, providing that: “Only by acting immediately and in a coordinated effort will this senseless war cease. If we allow Ukraine to fall under the dictatorship of Russia, the criminal Putin will be emboldened to propagate war to other European countries. 

His propaganda in Russia is a clear demonstration that he has plans to reconstitute the old Soviet Union State, which includes many sovereign and independent countries in Eastern Europe. It is a European emergency, and European government should take the lead. I applaud the Prime Ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia for having traveled to Kyiv as a sign of the European community’s support. I encourage the leaders of other major European countries to do the same, and to have their respective Air Forces protect them from any attack in Kyiv.

If we do not take immediate action to stop them now, Putin’s aggressions toward Europe will continue to advance beyond the point of no return.

I appeal to our community to propose any other possible scenarios to stop this devastating war and protect the future of Europe,” concluded Pignatelli.

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