Harvest Trading Cap Signs Agreement with OGGO Medical

Harvest Trading Cap takes a tour of the OGGO WALLET EXCHANGE ECOSYSTEM facilities in El Salvador

MIAMI, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Sunday, March 6, 2022, the Dominican company Harvest Trading Cap together with Moon Capital, has signed a collaboration agreement with OGGO Medical, with the objective of representing the international company in the Dominican Republic.

The signing of the agreement was made by Jairo Gonzalez MA CEO of Harvest Trading Cap, CEO Moon Capital SRL Lic. Gregorix Polanco, Mr. Philip Ong CEO and Chairman of OGGO Medical. The event was held at the Acantilados restaurant, where a framework of collaboration was established to help the health of the Dominican population being Harvest Trading Cap and Moon Capital the representatives and ambassadors of NICAS in the Dominican Republic and other countries where they have international presence.

NICAS is a revolutionary device developed by OGGO Medical, for the detection of the impartation long before external symptoms are reflected in people.

This alliance will be feasible to help improve the health system in the Dominican Republic, impacting in a positive way to people who today suffer and suffer from this disease and do not find a solution in time due to the few alternatives they have. The intention of Jairo Gonzalez, Lic. Greorix Polanco and Mr. Philip Ong is to expand to all of Latin America.

Among the special guests present at the event were Claudia Fernandez, President of the Edu Cripto Organization.

Harvest Trading Cap thanks OGGO Medical Services for trusting in their project and for collaborating in the development and expansion of the health mechanisms of Dominicans with their new technologies. The vision of Harvest Trading Cap and Moon Capital is that there will be many more people benefited.

The Harvest Trading Cap team was also cordially received by Mr. Philip Ong, CEO and Chairman of OGGO Wallet Exchange Ecosystem, a traditional business platform with an active Bitcoin ecosystem and new technologies in El Salvador.

Mr. Philip Ong together with Jairo Gonzalez MA CEO of Harvest Trading Cap, Lic. Gregorix Polanco Executive Director of Harvest Trading Cap Academy, Dr. Roberto Torres Rector of Andragogy Autonomous University and the Harvest Trading Cap entourage, toured the OGGO facilities.

During this wonderful tour several topics were discussed, including the history, trajectory and evolution of cryptocurrencies, how they have grown significantly and revolutionized in El Salvador. They also talked about future projects in collaboration with Harvest Trading Cap and its educational entity Harvest Trading Cap Academy.

Jairo Gonzalez emphasized the development of the aforementioned topics and the contributions that guarantee economic stability in the use of new financial technologies in Central and Latin America.

OGGO seeks to generate an ecosystem of economic and social impact based on cryptocurrencies and contemplates the creation of a university, a cryptocurrency academy, food and water security projects, a medical center and the creation of virtual currency exchange platforms.

This meeting was very rewarding for both parties, as they learned about what both entities wish to do in favor of the future growth of new financial technologies.

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Jairo Gonzalez, Lic. Gregorix Polanco and  Sr. Philip Ong Tour of OGGO's facilities.

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