UPDATE: WellSpan York Hospital launches Aidoc’s innovative AI solution to aid radiologists in flagging abnormalities in scans

Aidoc’s solution optimizes imaging analysis capabilities on CT scans while expediting COVID-19 case backlog and improving efficiencies

York, Pa., March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WellSpan Health today announces implementation of Aidoc’s innovative solution that it is putting the power of artificial intelligence to work in WellSpan York Hospital. The hospital will be able to quickly flag patient imaging results for abnormalities that might otherwise not be noticed by the human eye. WellSpan Health is the only system in South Central Pennsylvania utilizing Aidoc.

“Our radiologists at WellSpan Health are all Board Certified and Fellowship training, and with the addition of the innovative Aidoc solution reviewing cases our team is already flagging results that are making a huge difference for our patients,” said Dr. Edward Steiner, Chairman of WellSpan Imaging and Radiation Oncology. “Our goal is to offer our patients the very best care, and Aidoc is making that possible, speeding up processes and often leading to faster discharges home.”

Aidoc’s solution was launched at WellSpan York Hospital on Feb. 22 and not only flags abnormalities but also prioritizes these urgent findings for radiologists to review. Aidoc’s always-on AI solution constantly studies all scans and suggests prioritization, notifying the findings within two to six minutes directly in the physician’s workflow. This extra set of eyes, powered by AI, can mean faster and more accurate diagnosis for patients.

WellSpan York Hospital performs 580,000 scans per year and has one of the largest emergency departments in the region. Minutes matter for stroke and trauma patients and Aidoc helps the health system scan radiology results across a wide spectrum of neuroscience and heart & vascular issues from brain hemorrhages, acute C-Spine fractures, and pulmonary embolisms.  

WellSpan plans to pilot Aidoc at WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital and WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital starting in April and hopes to roll out the AI solution to its other hospitals in the near future, connecting teams to expedite care coordination between facilities and ensure optimized treatment at all times and all places.

“Aidoc is proud to bring its AI solution to the state of Pennsylvania and the communities that WellSpan provides the highest quality care for,” said Elad Walach, chief executive officer of Aidoc.  “As a true innovator and pioneer being one of the first in the state to integrate Aidoc’s AI, we are excited to see WellSpan establishing a new standard of care, bringing more connectivity across facilities and rapid response and improving outcomes to its patients.”

Scans looking for pulmonary embolisms can occur 36 percent faster than before the use of Aidoc. It will be especially useful as the hospital expedites cases that may have been delayed due to the recent COVID-19 Omicron surge that forced the postponement of many non-life-threatening procedures.

“It’s critical that we work smart through the backlog of cases caused by the winter surge of COVID-19 hospitalizations. Aidoc makes sure that nothing goes unnoticed,” added Steiner. “Countless procedures and routine care visits have been postponed or skipped through this pandemic but Aidoc gives us an innovative tool to optimize our mission.”

To learn more about WellSpan Health’s imaging services offered across South Central Pennsylvania, visit www.WellSpan.org/Imaging. To learn more about Aidoc, visit www.aidoc.com


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