QPR Software Plc announced as Leader in Process Discovery and Mining in the Nordics


QPR Software Plc has been identified as a Leader in Process Discovery and Mining in the ISG Provider Lens™ Intelligent Automation – Solutions and Services 2021 report in the Nordics. The report highlights that QPR Software is proving itself a force to be reckoned with in a growing and highly competitive process mining market, with its comprehensive process mining solution that utilizes machine learning capabilities.

Process mining helps organizations reach their full operational potential

Process Mining is a method of discovering, analyzing, and measuring processes. Process mining automatically visualizes the real-life execution of an organization’s processes through interactive flowcharts. It moreover presents crucial information such as how different units perform, which process steps take too long or are delayed, and which parts of the process do not meet the set requirements, while also uncovering root causes for the discovered inefficiencies. Obtaining and understanding such information is a critical success factor for companies operating in a variety of industries.

The ISG report presents the key strengths of QPR Software’s proprietary process mining solution, QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The tool can be used to outline the overall process of a company, as well as identify potential bottlenecks and variations. This enables companies to bring different functions together and make decisions based on facts. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is designed as a comprehensive platform that is easy to deploy, even for non-technical users. Its features include one-click root cause analysis, customized dashboards, and non-coding functionalities that enable process analysis tailored to the needs of different business unit specialists. All connectors, use cases, and dashboards are ready-to-use solutions.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer has comprehensive machine learning capabilities

According to the report, QPR ProcessAnalyzer comes with powerful machine learning capabilities that can make case-level predictions (e.g., whether a particular invoice will be delayed) and recommend the next steps. An important feature of the process mining tool QPR ProcessAnalyzer is its in-memory AI capabilities, which gives it the ability to operate on top of existing data lakes (Redshift and Snowflake) without the need to store the data within its databases ― a feature that appeals to enterprises dealing with extremely sensitive or restricted data.

"Organizations are looking for process mining solutions that can give deep insights into processes while also protecting data. QPR ProcessAnalyzer stands out for its powerful in-memory analysis capabilities that can operate on top of existing data lakes. It also brings an array of features such as customized dashboards and no-code options that will appeal to many enterprise customers." Mark Purdy, Senior Lead Analyst at ISG notes.

Jussi Vasama, CEO at QPR, comments: "As organizations continue to increase their digitization and automation measures, the need for understanding the underlying holistic processes grows rapidly. ISG’s acknowledgment of QPR’s strengths within process mining is a strong recognition that our process mining technology and tool, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, is well aligned with the market’s needs."

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