Helcim Launches a Tongue-in-cheek Marketing Campaign to Help Show Business Owners That Change Is Easier Than They Think

Helcim promises world class payments with a human touch, and challenges the commonly deceitful, legacy payment processors.

Calgary, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Days after closing a  $16 million Series A capital raise, Helcim launches a bold, tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign to generate brand awareness among small business owners. The campaign, conceptualized by Jeff Merkel, Head of Marketing and Chris Reid, Digital Media Lead, consists of video spots, and a mix of paid and owned strategic channels.

Many small business owners say they would like to get out of their payments processing contracts but don’t know where to start. The sentiment of feeling stuck paying for old technology or being  locked into a multi-year legacy contract is a struggle the Helcim Team has heard echoed by merchants who want to switch providers or seek out better options.

“To a merchant, payments are often just another necessity of doing business – another bill to pay at the end of the month along with their rent, telephone bill, or internet service provider. They are not aware that there is a radically better way to accept payments” explains Jeff Merkel, Head of Marketing. “The purpose of this campaign is to address our fear of change – of letting go. By overdramatizing how afraid of letting go, we show that it’s often really not as hard as we think.”

Founder and CEO Nic Beique shares, “Helcim is a payments company that puts merchants first, and that means doing the right thing like not locking merchants into contracts and offering some of the most transparent pricing in the industry” He continues, “We also have a fun, relatable brand, this campaign lets us show we understand what merchants are going through while poking fun at the industry.”

Helcim re-branded in June 2021 with the brave mission to become the world’s most loved payments company. Alongside this mission included a visual branding makeover to assist the company in achieving its mission by making the brand more accessible, approachable and friendly – the opposite of its  legacy competitors.

To learn more about Helcim’s campaign, visit helcim.com/letgo 

About Helcim

Helcim is on a mission to be the world’s most loved payments company by giving small businesses every possible edge to thrive and enrich our communities. The company delivers an easier, smarter, and more affordable payment experience with a human touch. Helcim serves thousands of businesses in Canada and the US across 800 different industries, processing billions in payments each year.



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