EXIT Realty Corp. International Announces More Than $925,000 Paid in Beneficiary Residuals

Mississauga, ON, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steve Morris, Founder and Chairman of EXIT Realty Corp. International today announced that the company has paid more than $925,000 in beneficiary residuals to associates’ loved ones.

Founded on a belief in the potential of the human spirit, EXIT’s empathy-first business model provides the opportunity to earn passive income now, when an associate wants to take a break or retire from real estate and leave a legacy for their pre-determined beneficiary should something happen to them.

One recipient of this legacy benefit is Lauren Miller, daughter of the late Stuart Miller, who was an agent with EXIT Realty Premier Elite in Lake Worth, Florida.  “He knew that the company was top notch,” Lauren said. She was unaware of how Stuart’s decision to join EXIT would directly impact her as his beneficiary. “It was extremely surprising that this was something that could come as a benefit for myself and my family.”

Stuart believed in EXIT, and as such introduced two other agents to the company who continue their careers with EXIT today. Because of that, Lauren is earning a single-level beneficiary benefit directly from EXIT Realty Corp. International thanks to her father’s efforts to help grow the company.

Just over three years after her father’s death, Lauren has been able to put most of the $11,000 in legacy residuals she’s received into savings for a new home one day, saying, “I almost feel it’s his way to still be with me and his grandson with special needs.”

“EXIT Realty Corp. International was built on human potential,” said Tami Bonnell, Co-Chair.  “People want to leave a legacy for their loved ones and encouraging them to think about not only their personal legacy but also the financial legacy they can leave behind helps our associates focus on what is truly important: adding value to others.” 

About EXIT Realty: EXIT Realty is a company founded and built on human potential. A full service, forward-thinking, real estate franchisor with offices across North America, EXIT has to-date paid out more than a half a billion dollars in single-level residual income to its associates. A portion of every transaction fee received by EXIT Realty Corp. International is applied to its charitable fund, and to-date, $6.8 million has been allocated to charity. For more information, please visit www.exitrealty.com and www.joinexitrealty.com.


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