New Study Sheds Light on Factors Fueling the Great Resignation

Second annual State of Work and Career Success study from Connie Steele outlines shifting attitudes, needs, and expectations of a changing workforce; uncovers factors that are vital for career success in the new world of work

WASHINGTON, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Less than 30% of workers in the US perceive themselves as successful in their careers, and more than half (52%) agree that their professional ambition isn’t tied to being part of a company. Additionally, fewer than half of workers are satisfied with their career progress, current position, and compensation. These findings and many more are all part of a newly released study that sheds light on the changing mindset, attitudes, and behaviors of workers in the U.S. as the Great Resignation rages on.

The just-released 2022 State of Work and Career Success study was led by Connie Steele, Principal of Flywheel Associates, and conducted by Rockbridge Associates. Fortunately for workers and employers alike, it’s not all doom and gloom. The study also uncovered six key dimensions of career success and found that planning is by far the most important activity workers can undertake to ensure they reach their career goals.

“What workers want today is fundamentally different from what they’ve wanted in the past,” said Connie Steele. “However, workers aren’t fully satisfied with where they are, nor do they feel successful. The good news is that to create progress towards success, there is a common set of factors that are under their control. Having a career roadmap that includes the necessary people — whether it be a network, sponsor, or mentor — to realize those end goals makes a huge difference.”

The research takes the pulse of what the American workforce wants and needs out of their profession, as well as the drivers of success. It also looks to measure their level of achievement. The workforce definition is not limited to employees of a company but also includes freelancers and business owners.

“We've been studying workforce trends for years and have seen the evolving priorities of workers that highlight a shift towards meaning and purpose. Further, we see a strong connection between achieving those life goals with their career progression,” said Gina Woodall, President of Rockbridge Associates.

The study explores the relationship between career and life success as well as the overall impact successful workers have on their company’s business outcomes. Being successful in one’s career, as defined by how satisfied workers are with the progress they are making, leads to a greater likelihood of achieving their career and life goals. It also yields positive business outcomes for the organizations where they are employed. However, only about one fourth (29%) of American workers consider themselves to be successful, and the average grade for workers in the study was a low C (70.1/100). Learn more about the 2022 study and its findings at

About the Study & Methodology

The 2022 State of Work and Career Success study provides findings on what the American workforce wants and needs out of their professional life, as well as the drivers of success. The study dives into the connection between career goals and life goals, and the relationship between individual success and organizational success. The study surveyed more than 1000 workers aged 18-64 who were working full-time, part-time, freelance, or as a business owner in a range of industries from Nov. 30 - Dec. 13, 2021. This year’s study builds on the research conducted for the first annual State of Work and Career Success study. You can learn more about the 2022 study and download the summary report here.

About Connie Steele

Connie Steele is a Future of Work & Life expert who helps individuals and corporations get unstuck in today’s society, showing them how to confidently move forward in accomplishing their goals. She’s Principal and Co-founder of the management consultancy Flywheel Associates, author of the book Building the Business of You: A System to Align Passion and Growth Potential through Your Own Career Mashup, and host of the Strategic Momentum podcast. Learn more about Connie at

About Rockbridge Associates

Rockbridge is a strategic marketing research firm providing research and consulting to companies in the services and technology sectors. They have studied workforce trends, including the rise of the gig economy, for over a decade as demographic, technological, and societal effects have changed how and why Americans work. Rockbridge guides clients on strategic areas including customer loyalty, share-of-wallet, segmentation, branding, and product development. The firm is the creator of the American Innovation Index, an award-winning initiative that tracks the innovativeness of US companies based on the experiences of their customers.

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