Olympic Gold Medalist Cindy Brown, OLY and Harvard Law School Grad, Entertainment Lawyer Raye Mitchell Launch Bossology® 53 Entertainment, Media and Content Production Company

Cindy Brown uses her Olympian platform to advance social justice, racial, and LGBTQ equity. In July 2021, Brown began working with USC MBA and Harvard Law School grad, entertainment lawyer, and producer Raye Mitchell, host of The Mouthology Show.TV, to help tell her story and be heard. They decided to join forces.

LOS ANGELES, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Olympic Gold Medalist and former W.N.B.A. player Cindy Brown and Harvard Law School grad and entertainment lawyer Raye Mitchell announce that they have merged efforts again to launch a new media company to create film, TV projects, and publishing content. Bossology 53 Entertainment exists to celebrate everyone's right to the dignity of being the boss of their stories and the right to be heard when telling their truth. The company comprises Raye Mitchell's production projects under The Mouthology® brand merged with CindyBrown53 to create a new film and television platform, book publishing content, communications training, reputation management, the JustUsCreative™ social justice content, and a division devoted to Olympianism.

"This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration embracing our interpretation of the principles of Olympic values including excellence, respect, dignity, and mental health," states Cindy Brown, the Chief Olympian Officer. "We share a vision to help fellow humans embrace their dignity, humanity, and the will to be well," Mitchell adds, the company's Chief Boss Girl Officer and host of www.TheMouthologyShow.TV podcast series.

"We've teamed up before to enable our fans, friends, and supporters to enjoy the fruits of our experiences, and now we launch this new hyper-brand and platform that accelerates and scales our content production potential," Mitchell adds. 

"The Mouthology brand has a vibrant community of followers filled with seasoned entrepreneurs, creative content creators, and passionate visionaries focused on the mouth biz, which is anything to do with storytelling. Cindy has an international fan base and community of Olympians and their fans wanting content that speaks to their interest." Mitchell shared, "Now there's a new path available by partnering-up with Cindy Brown, OLY, to embrace a new way to catapult these brands, content, and storytelling to levels of growth."

"This is an exciting opportunity for me as part of the Olympian movement that advocates for social justice for the LGBTQ community to work to create an innovative platform with a seasoned industry expert, apply operational expertise, and potential investment relationship backing to fuel rapid growth," Brown added as she reflected on her lived experiences.

Brown lost all her estimated $2.5 million in net worth and her home to mortgage fraud and identity theft, became homeless, and lived in her car. Brown's journey gained national media attention after she released videos that she alleges depicted an unlawful eviction from her home in an unannounced S.W.A.T.-like raid on Nov. 16, 2020. "I am lucky to be alive," Brown stated.

"I am ready to work with a seasoned veteran," Brown says.  

"I look forward to working on The Cindy Brown-Raye Mitchell Story that led to the ground-breaking lawsuit," Mitchell concludes. "We are adding operations in Inglewood because of my friend Issa Rae's commitment to Inglewood," said Mitchell.

"Raye is from Los Angeles. I went to California State University, Long Beach," Brown added. "We want our office in our communities." One of Cindy's biggest fans is from Long Beach. "I am delighted to give back to my Long Beach community and hope to collaborate with others to benefit our youth," Brown commented. 


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Olympic Gold Medalist and former W.N.B.A. player

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