LO3 Energy Deploys Pando Software to Maximize Renewable Asset Use in Australia

PORTLAND, Ore., March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LO3 Energy (“LO3”), developer of Pando software that enables suppliers and clean energy operators to support 24/7 load matching and offer intelligent incentives to drive renewable energy use, announces that it has installed the Pando platform to optimize renewable energy production at a commercial shopping center in New South Wales, Australia. The project is supported by Solar Bay, an Australian renewable energy fund, which manages the site’s solar assets and supplies electricity to tenants.

Pando accounts for the physical and financial performance of the facility’s on-site PV production and grid-supplied energy against consumption at both a building-wide level and for each individual tenant. The platform integrates kWh measurements from multiple metering OEMs with complex retail rates and pricing, to accurately account for PV production and usage at Australia’s five-minute interval requirements. Through intuitive reports, Solar Bay can see at a glance how much energy each tenant is using from what source, and receive insights on how the utilization of renewable assets can be optimized. Pando also takes into account existing contractual offtake terms to reconcile solar usage and production into the building’s existing accounting, making it easy for the program to integrate with the facility’s energy planning.

“We’re happy to partner with Solar Bay to provide them the tools to maximize the value of their solar assets,” says Bill Collins, CEO of LO3 Energy. “Solar Bay has already demonstrated a commitment to bringing renewable energy to the site and Pando is helping them make full use of both new and existing solar assets. We look forward to continuing our work with Solar Bay, and Pando is a great way to support their efforts to bring more renewable energy to commercial sites and districts across Australasia.”

“Pando is a great addition to our energy portfolio, as it condenses what used to be several different metrics into one easy-to-understand interface,” says James Doyle, Investment Director of Solar Bay. “With Pando, we have fine-tuned metrics and visualizations of our energy usage in both absolute and financial terms. LO3 Energy has provided us with the means to encourage the shopping center’s tenants to take even greater advantage of the building’s solar assets to increase their renewable usage.”

To learn more about Pando and the other projects around the world using the platform, visit https://lo3energy.com/.

About Pando
Pando, LO3 Energy’s flagship software platform, enables suppliers and clean energy operators to support 24/7 load matching and offer intelligent incentives to drive renewable energy use. Pando’s tools for operators and their customers provide comprehensive data on energy usage and production with economic incentives to help users optimize consumption patterns while making maximum use of renewable resources. The platform supports new models for net metering and feed-in-tariffs to make customer-sited clean energy a more financially attractive proposition. Pando also includes extensive GHG emissions monitoring tools to ensure customers can track progress towards their clean energy goals. LO3 Energy has successfully deployed Pando in over a dozen markets in seven countries, working with companies like Shell, Sumitomo and Green Mountain Power as well as shopping centers, schools, community solar installations, and microgrids. To learn more about Pando, visit www.lo3energy.com.

About LO3 Energy
Founded in 2015, LO3 Energy is a Portland, Oregon-based cleantech company that provides software to enable companies and communities to drive renewable energy use with advanced financial models and tools. The company is committed to working with energy consumers and asset owners to drive adoption of clean energy. LO3 Energy’s mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of electric grids worldwide with a software platform that enables partners to implement innovative compensation mechanisms that best support their customers, grid resources, and the networks they operate. The company is best known for its Pando suite of software, which provides utilities, suppliers and asset owners with tools to integrate and leverage new compensation models to support customers making use of renewable assets. For more information, visit www.lo3energy.com.

About Solar Bay
Solar Bay is a Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund that installs and operates generation, storage and microgrids across Australia and New Zealand. Solar Bay is backed by a consortium of Australian Family Offices and specializes in the installation of infrastructure that is co-located with the large energy consumer to provide low cost, renewable energy to assist in transitioning their operations to net zero.

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