New Nerdio Windows 365 License Optimization Allows Enterprises to Maximize Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Investment

Organizations Can Save On Unused Cloud PC Licenses and Reclaim Inactive Licenses Using Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

CHICAGO, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nerdio, the premier solution for organizations of all sizes looking to deploy virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure, today announced new features in Nerdio Manager for Enterprise that allow enterprise organizations to optimize Windows 365 licenses to reduce the overall cost of their virtual desktop environment.

Windows 365 is Microsoft’s subscription-based Cloud PC service. It offers organizations the ability to pay a fixed monthly price per user and access Windows in the cloud through a dedicated, personal desktop, called a Cloud PC, that can be streamed to any device. The cost of Windows 365 Cloud PC is included in the monthly license subscription and is independent of actual usage.

“Rather than paying license costs for any employee in an organization who could use a Cloud PC, we’re making it astonishingly easy for enterprises to pay only for those users who actually do,” stated Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO and co-founder, Nerdio. “Nerdio Manager and Windows 365 together alleviate traditional desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) concerns around cost, management, and scalability, making the combination a compelling asset for any remote work or digital transformation initiative.”

The following Windows 365 license optimization features are available in Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v3.4 and above.

  • Windows 365 License Auto-Assignment – Nerdio Manager allows organizations to avoid paying for unused licenses by assigning users a Windows 365 license only upon first login. Users who never log in will not consume a license. Nerdio Manager will automatically alert admins when too few available licenses remain, when an organization reaches their self-identified number of unused licenses, or when Cloud PCs are scheduled to be deprovisioned and removed.
  • Windows 365 Unused License Reclamation – Nerdio Manager automatically detects when users who have logged into their Windows 365 desktop at one time are no longer using it and reclaims the unused license making it available for other users.  Admins dictate how long the Cloud PC must not be used to be considered “unused” and can remove the license to save on monthly subscription costs or re-assign it to another user.
  • Windows 365 Inactive User License Parking – Nerdio Manager equips the user with a less expensive license to replace their typical, full-size license when they are not connected to their Cloud PC to maximize cost savings. Nerdio Manager will monitor user activity so that when the user is no longer connected to their Cloud PC their license is automatically transitioned to a parked license and then back to a full-size license when the user reconnects to the Cloud PC.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise adds significant value on top of the powerful capabilities in Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 by delivering over 200 additional features. It is the only Azure management platform that allows admins to seamlessly provision and manage deployments of both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 side-by-side.

About Nerdio

Nerdio empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprises to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a packaged Azure application that runs in users’ own tenant without compromising security and compliance by allowing third-party vendors access into the IT environment. Nerdio Manager for MSP empowers MSPs to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure through easy multi-tenant management. For more information, please visit


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