Feed Every Gorilla – Announcing the Next Enormous Development Phase

GLASGOW, Scotland, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire -- Since its launching in early 2021, the Feed Every Gorilla (FEG) Token project has repeatedly exceeded expectations, rapidly pushing out next-generation tech: The decentralized and community-owned FEG Exchange (FEGex), the honey pot-proof SmartSwap system, the second-to-none fWrapping system and the groundbreaking SmartDeFi cryptocurrency launchpad represent only some of the revolutionary technologies laying the foundation for the next phase of growth and expansion. After closing out their first hugely successful year, the FEG project will turn heads and change crypto forever with their roadmap expansion. Their recent announcement of upcoming technology releases will undoubtedly catapult FEG into the forefront and further demonstrate the gravity of their ecosystem.

The Grafene Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Crypto Wallet, revealed during Crypto Expo Dubai, has already made waves throughout crypto circles. Upon unveiling the FEG project’s exclusive blockchain-based 2FA technology, the team announced an exciting $100,000 hacking competition. Even though the seed phrase was prominently posted on Grafene.com (giving anyone access to withdraw the funds), no one has cracked the security and retrieved the prize. FEG community members have even challenged Anonymous, the world-renowned hacking group, yet the prize pool remains untouched. The FEG team acknowledged that the user interface needs further development and extensive testing before the wallet can go live, but the hardened security that the Grafene 2FA Crypto Wallet will provide when launched will obsolete all existing software and hardware wallets.

An additional focal point for the FEG ecosystem regards existing stable-coin options, such as USDT and USDC, and their lack of actual stability. While designed to withstand price variations, these USD-pegged assets regularly fluctuate based on transaction volume -- sometimes rising or falling by 0.1% or more. While this may seem insignificant, it can result in millions of dollars lost when considering that USDT alone accounts for three to four percent of the $2 trillion total cryptocurrency market capitalization. The FEG Token project has revealed that their Universal Stable Cent (USCT) resolves this problem by utilizing the lowest possible denomination of $0.01. USCT will become the first true stable coin, completely resistant to market fluctuations, and is primed to become a major contender to traditional stable coin assets. The FEG Project has announced that the USCT protocol is built and is undergoing testing. Once released, USCT will introduce new opportunities for users and investors in FEG Tokens, benefiting staking pools and enabling the world’s top cryptocurrencies to be traded seamlessly on FEGex.

Additional improvements have also been made to FEGex swap and staking contracts, including enhanced anti-bot protection and security measures. The first of its kind GASrebate system, which rewards investors by returning blockchain gas fees for transactions on the FEGex platform, has been revamped to block malicious farming activities. Furthermore, projects listing on FEGex are already required to lock their liquidity for one year to prevent rug pulls, but additional options are being added that reward project developers for longer locking periods with increased Smart Rising Price Floor percentages, higher developer percentages, etc.

The third version of the FEGex staking protocol is nearing completion and will expand rewards for vested assets to include the brand-new USCT stable coin, as well as the upcoming SmartNFT (sNFT) protocol. Based on the popular SmartDeFi launchpad, this brand-new technology will allow creators to mint highly secure sNFTs that can leverage Asset Backing and SmartLend capabilities -- all of which add utility and long-term value growth for otherwise static assets. The FEG Project also announced that their multi-chain bridge will soon enable trading across numerous blockchains, including Fantom, Polygon and Avalanche, with many more anticipated. Once USCT, staking and other FEGex systems are completed, two developers will be dedicated to full-time development and implementation of the bridge.

While working to complete this wide array of enhancements for the FEGex ecosystem, the FEG Token project has also been collaborating with an upcoming project release: BIG Shiba Inu (BIG). This highly anticipated Ethereum-based project will be the first truly decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), using blockchain smart contracts to handle all decision-making activities. BIG will be the first entirely community-owned DAO focusing on marketing and blockchain development work. FEGex’s lead developer, known only as FEGrox, has completed the contract build for BIG and has negotiated a massive benefit for the FEG ecosystem. Not only will BIG be one of the largest projects ever launched on FEGex, but the BIG private sale will deliver a huge funding contribution to the FEG Marketing wallet. This collaboration has afforded the FEG ecosystem a tremendous opportunity to expand marketing activities and strengthen the FEG brand, attracting new investors.

In one year, the FEG Token project has achieved a massive array of technology releases already shaking up the status quo. These, however, have just orchestrated the next development and technology phase to be released over the coming months. The FEGex platform is rapidly becoming the standard other centralized and decentralized exchanges hope to replicate, but the incredibly fast pace of development positions FEG to dominate the crypto space. The past year has been truly remarkable for FEGex, but this coming year will dwarf the last and become one for the history books.

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