Grin Natural USA and The TeleDentists Partner to Improve U.S. Consumers' Oral Health Through Best-in-Class and Accessible Oral Care Service, Products, and Education

NEW YORK, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grin Natural is a leading global oral care brand that specializes in 100% natural New Zealand-made toothpastes and sustainable oral care essentials. The TeleDentists is a telehealth company that provides teledental consultations 24/7/365. Together, these companies teamed up to support U.S. consumers in their journey to improve their oral health. A recent study reported that nearly half of U.S. adults reported delaying dental care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More consumers are looking for the right products for their oral health. Through the partnership of Grin Natural and The TeleDentists, consumers could talk about their oral health conditions with a dental professional anytime anywhere and receive personalized natural oral care product recommendations.  

In addition to the access to best-in-class dental products and professional services, Grin Natural and The TeleDentists will release a series of interviews of oral healthcare professionals and create actionable educational content to increase oral health literacy. It's reported that while most consumers understand good oral health benefits their overall health, many are yet to associate the impact of poor oral health with broader serious health conditions. Therefore, it's important to bridge the gap in understanding to sustain long-term oral health for U.S. consumers.   

Grin believes in treating the causes, not the symptoms. Co-developed with dentists, its toothpastes effectively inhibit the growth of decay-causing oral bacteria with clean and 100% natural ingredients that are SLS-free, vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and certified palm oil-free. Grin's award-winning adult and kids' toothbrushes and floss picks are ergonomically designed, with 100% biodegradable handles made of corn starch. Together with Grin's global communities, the company has saved over four million plastic brushes from ending up in landfills and stopped reliance on palm oil. Exerting zero emissions with a TeleDental consultation makes this partnership an eco-friendly collaboration. Together, Grin Natural and The TeleDentists are working to save smiles and our very own planet.  

Dental virtual care is available through The TeleDentists ®, a national virtual care dental provider with more than 300 dentists and dental hygienists. Through online chat and video consultation, a licensed dentist or hygienist can discuss topics such as tooth sensitivity, children brushing, tooth pain, and more, guiding the patient on next steps.  

"Using Grin Natural oral care products with the guidance of The TeleDentists dental professionals, customers will be able to improve their oral health while in the comfort of their homes," states The TeleDentists President Leah Sigler. "As a dental hygienist, it makes me proud that The TeleDentists works with an eco-conscious company that helps their customers find effective all-natural products."  

"Oral care is self-care and is essential to our overall health. Partnering with The TeleDentists is critical to bring accessible professional dental care to more consumers wherever they are and whenever they have dental concerns. Even better, consumers will also get personalized recommendations for Grin's sustainable oral care products from the experts at The TeleDentists," said Grin Natural USA CEO Rena Chen. "We are committed to bring the best overall oral care to all families. Our proud partnership with The TeleDentists is an important milestone on this journey, making comprehensive oral care experience a reality by combining effective natural products and professional consultations."  

Customers can find their personalized, environmentally friendly dental products on the Grin Natural website at and chat with a dental professional through the site. 

About Grin Natural 

With the mission to provide better oral care that is safe for the families and for the planet, Grin is quickly becoming a world-leading professional oral care brand that specializes in 100% natural New Zealand-made toothpastes and award-winning sustainable oral care essentials.  

Grin Natural is also committed to narrowing the dental health inequities gap, often due to socio-economic status. It has partnered with UNICEF, Baby2Baby and other charities across the U.S., New Zealand, and China to bring oral care to people in need.  

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About The TeleDentists  

The TeleDentists® offer "the first of its kind" virtual dental service. A national network of licensed dentists utilizes a variety of virtual tools (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to assist in diagnosing, remediate and, when needed, arrange local dental appointments the next business day.                                                                      

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