Omnis Brings Revolutionary ZENOVA Thermal Insulating and Fire Protection Paints and Coatings to the US

ZENOVA high-performance thermal coatings support Green Buildings, improving thermal efficiency, and reducing energy and CO2 consumption.

ZENOVA water-based fire protection coatings restrict the spread of fire on any substrate, buying much-needed time for firefighters to respond to dangerous situations where every second counts.

CHICAGO and ESSEX, United Kingdom, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenova Group PLC (“ZENOVA”), a provider of innovative fire safety and heat management technology and products in the UK, has entered into a distribution agreement with Omnis Panels LLC (dba Omnis) to distribute its innovative and sustainable thermal insulating and fire protection products exclusively throughout the construction sector in the United States.

The distribution agreement will provide US customers with direct access to ZENOVA’s thermal insulation and fire protection products to improve building insulation and reduce carbon emissions.

Omnis has a strong track record of partnering with market-leading companies and leveraging its best-in-class network to grow innovators in the US market.

Beau Preston, President of Omnis said: “Adding ZENOVA to our portfolio furthers our goal to bring innovative and high performing building materials with green credentials to US architects, designers, and building owners. ZENOVA’s coating technologies improve safety, performance and reduce carbon emissions. ZENOVA IP, ZENOVA FP, and ZENOVA IR improve the thermal performance and fire protection on future builds as well as providing solutions that do not exist in many scenarios. Adding ZENOVA to our product offerings allows Omnis to offer quick, affordable, and ecological insulation and fire protection solutions."

Key benefits of ZENOVA Thermal Insulating and Fire Protection Technology:

  • Saves energy by increasing the thermal insulation level in commercial and residential buildings.
  • Thermal insulation reflects solar rays, including infrared radiation.
  • Retains internal heat by greatly reducing heat transfer.
  • Fire protective membrane isolates materials from elements that maintain fire combustion.
  • Additional applications include oil and gas; automotive; commercial marine vessels; aviation; government.



US customers interested in purchasing ZENOVA FP, IP and IR from Omnis may contact

Notes to the Editor

Further information on ZENOVA:

The Group, through ZENOVA Ltd, is the holder of intellectual property that underpins a suite of fire safety and temperature management products and technology. The product range is applicable to industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The Group’s products include fire retardant paints, insulating paints and render, fire extinguishing fluid, and applications. Through innovative development, and a refined formulation and development process, ZENOVA provides industry-leading solutions across a range of fire protection and temperature management problems, comprising:


A water-based fire-resistant paint that prevents ignition and spread of fire. It can be used in commercial, industrial and domestic applications on a variety of materials, from wood to metal.


Thermal insulating paint creates a thermal barrier, provides a thermal reflection of sunrays and infrared radiation, anti-condensation, and anti-mold properties. It can be applied to virtually any exterior or interior material, regardless of the surface.


Thermal insulating render enhances the effectiveness of insulation by creating a thermal shield. It fills all cavities and gaps regardless of geometric shape and creates a vacuum – the most effective insulator.

About Omnis:

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Omnis is a national partner for innovative and sustainable building products. Omnis represents manufacturers who create innovative solutions for use in the building envelope, with a focus on sustainability. Working with a network of top US building envelope representatives, consultants, and distributors, Omnis strives to provide unparalleled service to installers, architects, contractors, and building owners. Omnis has a track record of developing and executing the most appropriate strategies to bring quality products to the US, ensuring rapid and sustained growth.

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