Jairo González speaks at "Dominicana Inteligente: Tech Talk Event 2022" on advances in Blockchain and FinTech technologies

The CEO of the Harvest Trading Cap business group will launch its own Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem

MIAMI, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As part of the celebration of Dominicana Inteligente: Tech Talk Event 2022 organized every year by the prestigious Mercado Magazine, the CEO of the Dominican firm Harvest Trading Cap, Jairo Gonzalez MA, spoke about the imminent adaptation of traditional markets to an investment model through new Blockchain and FinTech technologies.

International financial markets expert Jairo Gonzalez highlighted the advances in financial investment that the world has experienced. "It is very important to know that FinTechs provide a world of investment, without the need to own a traditional company," Gonzalez explained.

During his presentation titled "Generating resources through new Blockchain and FinTech technologies" he reviewed the evolution that financial assets have had, from the origin of money to new digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

"Money has had a steady evolution over time. People have moved away from cash and now we are entering Blockchain and FinTech technology. That gives us a new way to generate resources," said Jairo Gonzalez during his participation.

On the other hand, Jairo Gonzalez revealed that it will launch its own Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem, where all the necessary technological platforms converge so that users in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Central America and the rest of the world can invest, manage and monetize their investments.

The central idea of Harvest Trading Cap is to create its own Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem that will allow Dominicans to grow and develop. These platforms will be interconnected with each other and investors will be able to securely monetize the profits acquired. Recently Harvest Trading Cap also created the first Dominican music studio with NFT technology, which will become a music player that will compete with the most popular music streaming platforms.

The event, which seeks to promote knowledge and the impact of technologies on society worldwide, was attended by leading experts on new technologies, cybersecurity, business, artificial intelligence, FinTech, among other interesting topics.

The activity served to analyze the current Dominican financial landscape and its contrast with the economies of the region, seeking viable improvements in line with global financial trends, with a view to creating business opportunities specialized in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence in business, financial technologies (FINTECH), smart cities and other business areas.

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Jairo Gonzalez MA present his new project. The CEO of the Dominican firm Harvest Trading Cap, Jairo González MA is present at Tech Talk Event 2022.

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