Holberton School is coming to Sydney, Australia

After successfully launching Holberton School Melbourne in January 2022, the second Australian campus will open in Sydney, in September 2022. This new campus will be the second in Oceania and the 33rd Holberton School campus around the world.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holberton School, a project-based college alternative educating the next generation of software engineers, today announced the opening of a new Holberton School campus in Sydney, Australia, in order to contribute to the economic development of the region, by helping to fill the local digital skill gap.

According to the Tech Council of Australia, Australia needs 286,000 more employees in the tech sector by 2025. If this ambitious target is to be achieved, re-skilling and up-skilling must become a priority. 

Holberton School Australia is making the switch to a career in tech accessible for all Australians, thus widening the potential talent pipeline for employers in the tech industry. After the success of the launch of Holberton School in Melbourne, as well as the warm welcome from the tech industry, many companies based in Sydney reached out to Emmanuel Goutallier - founder of Holberton School Australia - to open a school in Sydney.

“We want to give all Australians an opportunity to transition to a career in tech. We need all hands on deck if we are to close the national tech skills gap.” - Emmanuel Goutallier, Founder of Holberton School Australia.

By providing best-in-class Tech curriculums, starting with Foundations of Computer Science and followed by specializations in Front-End, Back-End Web and Full-Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, and Blockchain; Holberton School Australia's ambition to equip 5,000 total trained students over the next five years with top tech skills and knowledge.

Whilst strong industry support and an insatiable demand for talent from the local labor market have made Holberton School Australia relevant, it is a positive culture and unique learning environment that is set to ensure its success.

“I love the vibe that we have created. We're helping each other out and there’s no competition at all. I love it”. - Jacquelin, student at Holberton School Melbourne.

Holberton School Australia plans to train and upskill more than 1,000 Australian students by 2023! Applications for Holberton School Australia are now open for the next cohort!

About Holberton School
A world-class education should be available to everyone – regardless of background, gender, or ethnicity. That’s why Holberton’s college alternative program is offering students a new type of education, as well as multiple ways to finance their tuition. Graduates have gone to work as software engineers at top employers, including Apple, MercadoLibre, Pinterest, Google, Rappi, and LinkedIn. Holberton School trains software engineers in both practical knowledge and theory by utilizing project-based and peer learning. Co-founded in Silicon Valley by Julien Barbier, Holberton School has campuses all over the world. Go to www.holbertonschool.com to learn more.

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