PayByPhone’s 50 Million Global Users Can Now Park in Italy

PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile parking payments, announced the launch of their global app in Italy.

Vancouver, BC, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PayByPhone, which launched in Italy in 2018 as a single country app, is now expanding and has officially become part of the global PayByPhone app. This means the more than 50 million global PayByPhone users will now have access to pay for parking simply and remotely in 100 cities in Italy, including Verona, Turin, Bologna, and Naples. Additionally, Italian drivers will now be able to easily use their PayByPhone app to park in more than 1,200 cities worldwide where PayByPhone is present, including Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam, Lausanne, London, and San Francisco.

“PayByPhone’s goal was always to create one global app, on one global platform, servicing the world. Bringing Italy on board is the next step along this journey, with plans to launch Germany onto our global app later this year” said Andy Gruber, CEO. “As people start venturing out on more trips and holidays this year, we want to deliver them a seamless parking experience and a simplified journey. Bringing Italy onto our global app brings them one step closer to that.”

PayByPhone’s growth has been strong, despite the global pandemic. Client growth was up 20% in 2021 alone and global parking transactions grew by 60%.

PayByPhone allows drivers to pay and extend their parking remotely and receive smart alerts to help avoid costly fines. PayByPhone also made it even easier for Italian users to park by launching Apple Pay, which has proven to be hugely popular in other markets. In North America, for example, just 500,000 PayByPhone users were using Apple Pay a year ago. Today, that number has doubled to over a million. There are also plans to launch PayPal in Italy this Spring.

“One of our core values is to continually improve the services we offer our customers,” adds Gruber. “We’re on a constant outlook to simplify people’s journeys, and frequent innovations like this to our global app and global platform make their lives easier. The launch of Apple Pay in more and more markets is just one of those improvements, offering parkers more choice and more convenience with globally trusted payment options.”

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About PayByPhone

PayByPhone’s aim is simple: simplify your journey so you can focus on what matters most. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, they are one of the fastest growing mobile payments companies in the world, processing more than $641 million USD in payments and over 5 million downloads per year. Available in more than 1,200 cities across the globe, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily and safely pay for parking without the hassles of coins, lines, or fines. Their smart, intuitive technology is at the center of their user-first approach, delivered to make everything as simple as possible. For more information, please visit



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