Optimum - The cryptocurrency trifecta - Launches with it’s unique Dynamic Transaction Tax

OPTIMUM is a token that aims to prevent panic selling and reward its holders.

Seattle,WA, April 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a world of over 4,000 crypto tokens in circulation with newer ones being launched daily. Optimum, which is a new token, has launched and has taken a new spin on things in the crypto space using OPX token. A total of 100 million OPX exists. This coin was created because of how the fickleness of the crypto world has pushed many token holders into a panic selling. Optimum is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network which makes BNB an accepted currency on the platform.

They use a unique system that supports users to gain more without being affected by the manipulation and massive drops in the general market. These general issues are the reason why many people sell their tokens hastily. After studying the market critically, they made the solutions on three main agendas.

Functions Of Optimum

Token holders are supported to attain their goals and that's why the first agenda is time-based. A selling fee of 30% would be enacted for the first 7 days after buying. The fee would be reduced to 13% after 7 days. Make sure you buy the number of tokens you need at once because the transaction fee would be reset if you purchase additional tokens within 7 days. For instance, if you buy a token today with the highest selling fee of 30% and after 7 days the penalty is reduced to 13%; then another user decides to buy a token tomorrow, his fee would be reduced a day later after yours.

The first agenda is termed as the Dynamic Transaction Tax and it is to ensure that the fee decrease day would be different for most users. This way, users would have avoided the general massive drops and get steady gains simultaneously.

The second agenda allows holders to gain passive BUSD. It means that within 7 days after the purchase, 20% of every transaction would be shared among users. After the 7 days, token holders would gain a passive 8% on every buy and sell transaction. They use BUSD because its value does not waver and for users to understand what they are receiving better. Offering passive BUSD is a testament to their aim of helping users meet their financial goals.

The third agenda is the automatic selling limit which is a limit for every token holder. As an OPX holder, you are limited to selling 40% of your tokens every 24 hours. This system is in place to avoid a massive price decrease. And you would still be allowed to purchase a token during this period which would serve as insurance for token holders.

Their Outlook

They have so many features in store for our users, some of which you are eligible to know now before OPX is launched and others would be communicated with you after the launch. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network which means the users would enjoy some benefits of the blockchain.

They also have plans to adopt NFTs on their platform because of how rapid the growth has become. The 2nd quarter of 2022, Optimum’s NFT marketplace will be launched, with plans to feature some of the most exclusive and limited NFTs with rankings according to Rarity. This would make it easier for users who share the NFT enthusiasm to buy, mint, or trade NFTs.

The 3rd quarter of 2022 they plan to launch a low flat-fee cross-chain launchpad. This platform would be created to help users launch their projects with a low flat-fee.

They will be announcing other plans in due time. Other relevant information regarding Optimum can be checked on the official website.


Optimum (OPX) is an upcoming crypto trading platform built on Binance Smart Chain with particular interests in the success of their users. The accepted cryptocurrency on the platform is BNB (Smart Chain).

With 100 million OPX tokens for its total supply, you are advised to invest in this token because of how much you stand to gain in the long term. They urge users to hold tokens for longer periods by attaching high selling fees to every sell for 7 days after someone purchase their tokens. You receive passive BUSD which is a stablecoin on Binance. While being kept safe with their automatic selling limit.

This trifecta allows investors to grow their investments with compounding earnings, while being in the optimal environment.



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