Metrc Announces New Track-And-Trace Contract with the State of Mississippi

Partnership to Bring Company’s Leading Track-and-Trace System to Aid in State Oversight of its Emerging Medical Cannabis Market

LAKELAND, Fla., April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metrc, the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the U.S., announced a new contract with the state of Mississippi to support the regulation of its medical cannabis market. This marks Metrc’s 21st government contract to date nationwide.

Metrc will help facilitate Mississippi’s medical cannabis program’s data collection and regulatory oversight through its robust track-and-trace platform. Utilizing proprietary RFID tagging technology, this platform makes each individual plant and product traceable and supplies essential information regarding plant origin, testing results, and chain-of-custody, thereby helping operators optimize quality control, inventory management, and overall compliance. State regulators can also conveniently access this same information, which will be essential in creating a safe and secure marketplace for both patients and providers.

“We commend the state of Mississippi for being so forward thinking and proactive in implementing a reliable and effective regulatory framework that will ensure the long-term safety and security of patients and providers,” said Jeff Wells, CEO of Metrc. “We at Metrc look forward to working alongside Mississippi regulators to build the State’s first cannabis track-and-trace system, which will create a strong and safety-focused foundation on which the medical cannabis program can continue to grow.”

Mississippi became the 37th state in the country to legalize medical marijuana after the state legislature approved the measure in January through the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act. Now that medical cannabis has been signed into law, the state plans to start accepting applications online for licenses for patients, medical practitioners, and cannabis operators by June, while dispensaries are expected to open later in the year.

Metrc now holds exclusive government contracts in every region of the United States, including Washington, D.C. This contract extends Metrc’s presence in the South, where it holds contracts with Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and now Mississippi. While these areas may have diverse regulatory frameworks, each jurisdiction shares the common goal of ensuring a safe legal cannabis market. Metrc continues to be the favored partner of regulators and businesses in serving their unique needs and goals.

About Metrc

Metrc is the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States. Our solution combines advanced software, radio-frequency identification (RFID), a dedicated customer-support team, and a secure database to track cannabis from growth, harvest, and processing to testing, transport, and sale. Metrc is engaged in 21 government contracts and serves more than 250,000 users, including growers, testing facilities, dispensaries, state regulators, and law enforcement officials. We are proud to play a leading role in ensuring the safety and security of the nation’s legal cannabis market.

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