Forecastr and Gust Form Powerful Partnership for Early-Stage Startups

NEW YORK, April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forecastr and Gust have announced that they will be continuing to expand their partnership together. The partnership—which has been ongoing informally for more than three years and formally for one—has resulted in major gains for each company and the early-stage startups they both serve.

Forecastr helps founders conveniently create an accurate financial model that allows them to develop their financial plans with powerful forecasting tools. By doing so, early-stage startups can increase their fundraising prowess and gain new insight into their operation, enabling them to better build and scale their businesses. The company's goal is to create a world where founders are prepared for anything and sleep well at night.

Gust is a global SaaS platform that specializes in helping entrepreneurs get off the ground to build and scale high-growth companies. Gust offers a series of online tools that help founders start, operate, and raise money for their businesses as well as a suite of software for accelerators, incubators, and angel investment groups to manage deal flow. Gust's mission is to make it easier for anyone to turn a good idea into a good business.

The complementary nature of the two platforms makes the partnership feel effortless. Both businesses are focused on early-stage startups that have high growth potential but may need help achieving liftoff. Many of the startups Gust serves are SaaS companies and this fits perfectly, as Forecastr's feature set interacts seamlessly with the SaaS business model. It's in each of their business DNA to help other businesses launch and scale, and the success stories they are creating together are the best evidence for the value of the partnership.

Forecastr and Gust have worked together to put forward a variety of productive initiatives. The partnership began on an informal basis more than three years ago and has been an official agreement for a little more than a year. Over that time, they have co-hosted fifteen workshops that have empowered hundreds of startup founders to harness the power of financial modeling in their early-stage growth and fundraising. Today, dozens of Gust member companies are using Forecastr's financial modeling software and services to create and maintain outstanding financial models.

The two companies were introduced when Forecastr was still just an idea, and Gust's leadership recognized the potential of building a stronger relationship. Both companies agreed to keep an open dialogue as Forecastr's vision took shape and the team continually explored new ways of working together. In February 2019, Gust hosted a workshop with Forecastr to educate its members about the importance of excellent financial modeling. The response that they received from their members was an extremely positive one and it served as an early indicator of the potential symmetry between the two brands.

The partnership was formalized early in 2021, soon after Forecastr opened its public beta. With the new agreement, Forecastr and Gust created a curriculum of monthly workshops designed to help founders master their financial models, along with mutual discounts to make both services more accessible.

The extent of the partnership between the two companies will continue to grow, as both remain excited about opportunities for further collaboration. Leaders in both companies are continually examining new ways of working together, including potential product integrations and creating a collaborative support environment to help founders launch and grow their businesses. The open dialogue allows both companies to explore ideas while remaining focused on their primary goal: Helping early-stage startups succeed.

One reason the partnership has been so successful is that it extends to the highest levels of each company. Members of the leadership of both organizations have expressed their happiness with the continued partnership. As Logan Burchett, Co-Founder of Forecastr, puts it, "Gust was our top target when we were seeking partnership opportunities. It meant a lot that the Gust team was willing to talk to us when we were just an idea stage startup. Looking into the future, our partnership with Gust is one of our most exciting assets. This partnership will provide us with amazing growth potential, and it's a true win-win for everyone involved."

Peter Swan, Head of Product at Gust, agreed saying, "Gust believes that using technology to bring access to legal and financial services earlier in the startup lifecycle can have a tremendous positive impact on startup success. We're thrilled to be partnering with Forecastr to apply that belief to financial modeling. They've done an excellent job educating and supporting Gust founders. We've already seen several success stories where a financial model has been a game changer in a startup's journey and we're excited to continue to work with Forecastr to help more startups succeed."  

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