Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center Responds to Community Need for Parkinson's Disease Care With Its Advanced Program

EAST HARTFORD, Conn., April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center now offers advanced programming for Parkinson's Disease patients. The program provides an interdisciplinary approach for the education, treatment and monitoring of residents with Parkinson's or Parkinson's Plus Syndrome to achieve their optimal physical and cognitive abilities. 

A brain disorder that causes shaking, stiffness, difficulty with walking, balance and coordination, Parkinson's symptoms can affect an individual's everyday life. Through high-level skilled nursing care, therapeutic rehabilitation, social services, dietary, recreation, and more, the program at Riverside aims to help those dealing with the disease so they can live their healthiest lives and maintain as much independence as possible. 

"Parkinson's is a disease that affects many people in our community, and they need support. One in 200 people in our neighborhoods are trying to live their lives while dealing with this debilitating disease. The entire community of doctors, researchers, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and wellness programs all need to work together to support the people with Parkinson's until a cure is found," stated Michelle Hespeler, Founder & Chairman of Beat Parkinson's Today, Inc. Located in East Hartford, Beat Parkinson's Today is a non-profit program offering exercise and support groups for those living with the disease.

Upon admission to the Parkinson's Program at Riverside, residents receive a comprehensive rehabilitation assessment to include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech. Areas of rehabilitation focus may include movement patterns, gait and functional mobility training, activities of daily living training, balance and postural training, cognition and memory, speech and communication, and swallow strategies and diet modification.

"Behavioral Health support services play a large role in a resident's care plan, as memory fog and depression can occur," said Rosemary Beaudoin, LNHA, Administrator, Riverside. "Behavioral Health-certified nurse practitioners round on residents and physiatrists are on-call when needed. Medication management also plays a key role in the program's offerings."

"Medication Management with a Parkinson's patient is crucial," said Ann Spenard, DNP, RN-BC, Chief Clinical Officer, National Health Care Associates. "Managing multiple medications can be challenging for people living with Parkinson's but it is imperative that they take their prescribed medications on a regular dosing schedule so they can have the most effective outcomes of symptom relief. It's especially important to remain on a schedule as the disease progresses." 

The care doesn't stop at Riverside. National Health Care's Passport to Home approach includes the development of a comprehensive discharge plan for residents before sending them home or back to their assisted living center. Plans include education for residents and their caretakers, medication management, home safety guidelines, personalized home exercise plans and equipment, as well as recommended support resources. Clinical Integration Specialists from National also check in post-discharge to help manage questions and assist with any concerns. 

"Having a skilled nursing facility like Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center that has specific training for its staff in caring for those living with Parkinson's disease is invaluable when guiding families who reach out to ask for recommendations," said Holly Seymour, Director of Sales and Marketing, Anthology of Farmington—a nearby senior living community. "Families want to be sure that they can trust a clinical team for their short or long-term rehab needs, and that they understand the needs around medication management, symptom management and mobility support as someone living with Parkinson's. We aim to align ourselves with professionals that are dedicated to serving those with Parkinson's in a compassionate way and Riverside Health and Rehab is a trusted partner."

For more information, call Riverside at 860-289-2791.

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