New Apprenticeship Graduates First AWS Cloud Computing Cohort to Address the Tech Talent Gap for U.S. Employers

San Antonio, Texas, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Apprenticeship (NEW), a Department of Labor (DOL) registered tech apprenticeship program and AWS Authorized Training Provider (ATP), recently graduated their first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing cohort. With this AWS cohort and future cohorts, NEW hopes to address hiring needs for enterprises looking to build and grow their bench and to expand partnerships with organizations wanting to deepen business with existing clientele. The recent graduates are available for hire and prepared with the cloud skills they need to make immediate and effective contributions to businesses across the U.S. 

NEW’s AWS Cloud Computing program utilizes AWS-authorized instructors to deliver training that prepares learners for their first role in supporting cloud operations using AWS as the primary cloud architecture platform. The recent graduates completed 60 hours of training and gained skills in Linux Operating System, computer networking, Python scripting, AWS cloud computing fundamentals, and more. NEW’s project-based model encourages learners to apply their growing knowledge in hands-on scenarios, thus preparing them for professional cloud roles. 

Graduates will now finish final preparation for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification prior to beginning a rigorous 12-month apprenticeship in the cloud computing field. Throughout their time as apprentices, they will continue completing NEW’s AWS-focused coursework and receive 144 additional training hours. Apprentices will receive expert coaching for leadership skills and job performance as well as workplace mentoring in full-time Cloud Specialist roles. Participants will prepare for further certifications including Google IT Support, Professional Scrum Master, and AWS Solutions Architect. 

NEW’s AWS Cloud Program Manager, LaRhonda Darby, recognizes that many businesses have migrated to cloud-based functionality, which creates a significant demand for AWS Cloud Practitioners. She is looking forward to seeing the cohort graduates excel in their roles as they grow into the field to meet this demand. Darby says:

“We are AWS-certified, so our curriculum is also certified through Amazon. We take care of the whole learner - they learn soft skills, receive expert coaching, job readiness, and LinkedIn training. We’re here to make better careers. At New Apprenticeship, we make sure our learners have the entire package; once you get someone from us, you have someone moldable. Someone great. Someone that can come into your company and make it better, because that’s our goal.”

NEW believes in meeting needs of both underrepresented talent and the modern workforce through the apprenticeship model. As they launch more AWS Cloud Computing cohorts in the near future, they will continue building sustainable tech talent pipelines for employers by equipping diverse, trained, and job-ready talent with the skills they need to become tech leaders. 

Employers interested in learning more about apprenticeship as a hiring pathway can contact NEW’s team directly here.

About New Apprenticeship

Founded in 2016 in San Antonio, TX, New Apprenticeship partners with employers nationally to transform lives by bridging the gap between what schools teach and only experience can bring.  Offering programs not only in IT, but in Digital Marketing, AWS Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics as well, NEW offers a unique approach to both learning and hiring. The organization continues providing talent for employers in need of a skilled, adaptable, and future-ready workforce. NEW’s experience-based learning and performance coaching system equips talent with the skills they need to accelerate their careers and provides employers with highly qualified and productive talent, creating future leaders in tech. For more information visit: Employers can learn more about NEW’s talent solution here.


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