‘An emotional transition and loving handoff:’ Yoga Pod extends its community to south Boulder with Yoga Loft acquisition

Bringing the transformational power of yoga to south Boulder, Yoga Pod aims to open its third location early this summer

BOULDER, Colo., April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yoga Pod, a wife-and-husband-owned, Boulder-based yoga studio, today announced it is acquiring Yoga Loft to grow the Yoga Pod family and positively impact the lives of more members of the Boulder community by guiding them to a greater state of health, well-being and connection.

“Yoga Loft has been a beautiful 10-year wave and now a deep surrender and letting go. I am pleased to announce that Nicole and Gerry Wienholt will be the new stewards of this beautiful space,” said Jeff Bailey, owner of Yoga Loft. “Nicole, Gerry and their teachers have a passion for yoga and the community it fosters. With Yoga Pod as the new name, this incredible community space will continue being an asset for south Boulder to enjoy.”

One of Yoga Pod’s five core values is to create community. Through this amicable transition, Yoga Pod aims to have a greater reach, impact and yoga influence within Boulder County. While Yoga Pod looks forward to carrying on the healing energy of yoga in the coveted studio, the 4,500-square-foot space will undergo a light remodel and rebranding before its grand opening in early summer. 

“We feel honored to be the stewards of the continuation of the yoga tradition in the beautiful space. We want yoga to positively impact more people, so we are expanding the love and joy we have with our current Yoga Pod family in Boulder and Longmont to the south Boulder community,” said Nicole Wienholt, co-owner of Yoga Pod. “The opportunity to give our passionate, intelligent, dedicated and talented teachers and staff more opportunity to share their gifts is why this acquisition is so special to us. Helping our teachers to flourish in their calling brings us tremendous joy.” 

Nicole and Gerry Wienholt will be owning and operating the Longmont, central Boulder and south Boulder studios, and membership will include all three Yoga Pod locations in Boulder County. With three rooms and a perfect view of the Flatirons, south Boulder students will soon have a Yoga Pod in their neighborhood.

“Our philosophy is: What we think is what we create — and we have been thinking about expanding Yoga Pod to south Boulder for 10 years. We never lost sight of this vision and now it is all coming to fruition,” Gerry Wienholt added. “It brings us great fulfilment to realize this dream. We’re very grateful and excited to be continuing the yoga legacy by bringing our energy, passion and vision into this beautiful space.” 

For more information about the south Boulder grand opening and acquisition, please contact partners@yogapod.com or visit yogapodboulderlongmont.com.

About Yoga Pod
Based in Boulder, Colorado, Yoga Pod honors the 5,000-year tradition of yoga through various classes and offerings aimed at guiding members to a greater state of health, well-being and connection. Founded in 2010 and co-owned by Nicole and Gerry Wienholt, Yoga Pod offers exceptional class offerings built for all levels, from beginner to advanced, led by phenomenal, experienced and diverse teachers who incorporate richness into practice to create a vibrant yoga community where you can transform your body, elevate your mind and open your heart.



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