UPDATE: Manhattan’s Iconic Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway Station Gets a Facelift

New, all glass ADA compliant elevators make for safer travel to and from Manhattan’s gem to the east

Roosevelt Island, NY, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) announced today the opening of a newly renovated Manhattan Aerial Tramway Station that will make travel on the world’s most iconic urban tramway safer, easier, and more comfortable.  

The $7 million dollar renovations include necessary safety, operational, and aesthetic upgrades and feature glass elevators, an expanded platform for ADA compliance, and a beautified station plaza. 

“As stewards of the iconic Roosevelt Island Tramway, we’re thrilled to be able to offer both residents and visitors a safer, more comfortable experience,” said Shelton J. Haynes, President & CEO of RIOC. “These fundamental upgrades are examples of continuous transportation improvements we’re making across Roosevelt Island and we look forward to sharing more needed enhancements in the near future.” 

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, on the corner of Second Avenue and East 60th Street, the station acts as a gateway between bustling Midtown Manhattan and scenic Roosevelt Island. Opening in the late 1970’s, the iconic Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway has remained one of New York City’s most exciting views and must-do experiences while serving as a safe, reliable, and sustainable mode of transportation for commuters.  

The station’s two, eight-passenger ADA compliant elevator cabs replace a single, four-passenger non-ADA compliant elevator, an upgrade that’s incredibly important to a number of Roosevelt Island’s diverse resident groups including seniors, those who are disabled, and families. Additionally, the elevators’ all-glass design reduces energy consumption while improving passenger visibility of the surrounding area. As a holistic and complementary component, the surrounding station plaza has been outfitted with an abundance of lighting and improved paving for safer travels. 

“It was critical that we upgrade the decades old elevator and increase the congested platform space,” said Prince Shah, Assistant Director of Capital Planning & Projects at RIOC. “This new, two-bank, glass elevator will provide much-needed ADA, security lighting, and aesthetic upgrades to the Tramway station and plaza; all aspects that we worked closely with the community on.” 

About Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC)  

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) was created in 1984 by the State of New York as a public benefit corporation with a mission to plan, design, develop, operate, and maintain Roosevelt Island. With a focus on innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, RIOC is committed to providing services that enhance the island's residential community. RIOC manages the two-mile long island's roads, parks, buildings, a sports facility, and public transportation, including the iconic Roosevelt Island Tramway. Additionally, RIOC operates a Public Safety Department that helps maintain a safe and secure environment for residents, employees, business owners, and visitors.  


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