Estonia Based Cardano Metaverse Startup raises $420,000 in a pre-seed round, moves to developing Play To Earn Game

TALLINN, ESTONIA, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cardalonia, a Blockchain Strategy Game is one of the first Metaverse projects building to launch on the Cardano blockchain. Players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection, facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets and Blockchain assets that would ensure the scarcity and immutability of in game assets.

“We are on a mission to develop a creator friendly and interactive platform that will surpass already existing metaverse giants like Decentraland and Sandbox which are built on the Ethereum blockchain” said Vasil Air, CTO and one of the founders of the project.

A survey from Variety Intelligence Platform found that more than 50 percent of US consumers are aware of the growing technology.

Cardalonia is unique as it has been carefully designed and thought out from the ground up and utilizing the Low fees & Energy consumption of the Cardano blockchain protocol.

Cardalonia has announced that they have raised $420,000 thousand in pre-seed funding in January by angel investors. Cardalonia envisions to create a creator centric platform that is owned by creators, developers, and a growing community of metaverse players. More than 8 investors, including blockchain players led by Hedgespur Capital took part in the round.

This pre-seed fundraising round will help the company to kick off the project, entering strategic partnerships, onboarding more developers and also bringing more enthusiasts into the Metaverse space.

Kitikat Metaventures, an angel investment firm speaking about the pre-seed round said, “Cardalonia has a solid Metaverse play to earn concept that would be self-sustaining while also rewarding the creators and at the same time driving the demand of the entire Cardalonia assets.”

Speaking about Cardalonia in an interview, Piyanut Wonglakhon, an advisor to the Metaverse Startup said “We believe in the prospects of the universe and it is already evident as we have seen big brands getting into the new technology”.

Cardalonia ecosystem will be powered by Cardano, a 3rd Generation POS Blockchain which has seen huge upgrades in recent days despite the token price falling more than 50% from its November all-time high.

Cardalonia Roadmap

Cardalonia has currently deployed its native in-game currency, the $Lonia Token as it gears up for launch and exchange listing in August 2022.

Lonia token will be the central utility token / currency of the Cardalonia Metaverse and will be used for purchasing Land, Joining A Clan and Creating tools to extract resources in the play to earn blockchain game.

The Estonian based company breaks down the development and subsequent public sale roadmap into several stages, starting from the seed sale which will launch in late April.

Lonia Token holders can be able to purchase Cardalonia Lands using their Lonia tokens.

Cardalonia is still in the very early stages of development as the development team has been able to prototype the clans (The playable avatars when the game is launched)

Cardalonia will be a fully functional DAO where decisions will be made by $Lonia token holders who would vote and decide on the future of Cardalonia.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.

Unlocking creativity in the Metaverse as you can Earn, create, socialize, play, trade and so much more based on the P2E concept, meaning players will be able to explore it while they earn and spend using in-game money, called Lonia tokens.



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