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The global personalized nutrition market is predicted to grow tremendously by 2028, mainly because of the increasing awareness in the general public about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the need for filling the nutritional gaps in the dietary cycles of athletes and sportspersons is expected to make the standard supplement sub-segment of the market as the most dominating one. Market in the Asia-Pacific region is predicted to become the fastest growing one by 2028.

New York, USA, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the newly published report by Research Dive, the global personalized nutrition market is forecasted to rise at a tremendous CAGR of 13.40%, thereby garnering a revenue of $21,407.30 million in the 2021-2028 timeframe. This overarching report provides a brief outlook of the present framework of the personalized nutrition market including its main features like growth drivers, growth opportunities, restraints, and hindrances during the forecast timeframe of 2021-2028. All the vital market figures are also provided in this report to help new entrants analyze the market easily.

Dynamics of the Personalized Nutrition Market:

Drivers: There has been a growing sense of awareness in the common masses regarding the importance of proper nutrition for leading a healthy life. This is especially true, in the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. This increasing health awareness in the common masses is predicted to be the major driver for the growth of the global personalized nutrition market by 2028. Moreover, strategic alliances between the key market players are estimated to further boost this market in the 2021-2028 timeframe.

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Opportunities: The growing tendency among the general public to opt for a personalized and customized nutrition plan that will suit their individual needs will offer tremendous growth opportunities to the personalized nutrition market by 2028. Furthermore, technological advancements in the field of personalized nutrition will also help in creating growth opportunities for the market.

Restraints: However, expensive personalized nutrition plans are expected to create hindrances in the growth of the personalized nutrition market.

Impact of Covid-19 on the Personalized Nutrition Market:

The majority of the industries across different sectors have faced unprecedented losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. The medical field and its auxiliary sectors have, on the other hand, seen a growth in their market size for obvious reasons. The personalized nutrition market also has seen significant growth during the forecasted period. The pandemic and the resulting increase in awareness among people about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through appropriate nutrition has been the main reason behind the growth of this market. Moreover, the stress laid by various doctors on improving the immunity to counter this pandemic has increased the significance of opting for a personalized nutrition plan that specifically caters to an individual’s eating habits and dietary customs.

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Segments of the Personalized Nutrition Market:

The report has divided the market into certain segments based on product type, application, end-use, and region.

Product Type: Active Measurement Sub-segment to be the Most Dominant

By product type, the active measurement sub-segment is anticipated to be the fastest-growing and garner a revenue of $14,270.40 million in the forecast period. Active measurements involve tools like testing kits, software programs, and applications that help in preparing a customized and accurate nutrition plan to cater specifically to the individual’s needs. Further, it also monitors whether the individual is abiding by the prescribed nutrition plan to maintain the course of action and helps the individual achieve his/her health goals. The level of personalized care and attention that these tools offer to the subscribers has helped the active measurement sub-segment to dominate the personalized nutrition market.

Application: Standard Supplement Sub-segment to be the Most Profitable

By application, the standard supplement sub-segment is expected to have the most dominating market share in the personalized nutrition market and surpass $15,254.10 million by 2028. This growth is mainly attributed to the nature of nutrition that is needed for playing sports and athletics. Though athletes and sportspersons follow an extremely strict dietary plan, certain nutritional gaps are bound to be created. Standard supplements help in filling these nutritional gaps by providing vital micronutrients, thereby fulfilling the nutritional needs of the athletes. Owing to the crucial role played by standard supplements, this sub-segment is predicted to be the most profitable one.

End-Use: Direct-to-Customer Sub-Segment to Flourish Immensely

The direct-to-customer sub-segment is expected to surpass $8,015.80 million by 2028, thereby having the most dominant share in the personalized nutrition market. Direct-to-customer companies are preferred by customers as they provide nutritional plans at lower rates owing to the discounts they offer. These discounts help in avoiding unwanted business constituents like purchasing costs, renting, mailing, employee wages, etc. Thus, the win-win situation created by the direct-to-customer companies has helped in the growth of this sub-segment.

Region: Personalized Nutrition Market in the Asia-Pacific Region to be the Fastest Growing

By regional analysis, the personalized nutrition market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing sub-segment. It is predicted to garner a substantial revenue of $5,094.90 million by 2028. The increasing health concerns and growing awareness about the need to build a sustainable lifestyle and immunity are the prime reasons behind the growth of the Asia-Pacific market. Moreover, many prominent companies are coming up with their own personalized nutrition plans that are furthering the market growth in this region.

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Prominent Personalized Nutrition Market Players:

Some of the major players in the personalized nutrition market are

  1. DNAfit
  2. BASF SE
  3. Amway
  4. Balchem Corporation
  5. Wellness Coaches
  6. Atlas Biomed
  7. DSM
  8. Habit LLC
  9. Bactolac Pharmaceutical
  10. Herbalife Nutrition, among others.

These players are adopting different business strategies like launching new products or engaging in product development and enhancement to gain a leading position in the global market. – Inquire Here@

For instance, in April 2021, the US-based multi-level marketing giant, Amway launched a vitamin C tablet named Nutrilite. Made from acerola cherry extract, this tablet is manufactured to provide sustainable support to the human body’s natural defense system.

Finally, the report also summarizes many crucial aspects of the personalized nutrition market including the financial performance of the key players, SWOT analysis, product portfolio, and latest strategic developments.

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