Qgiv Named Top Fundraising Software by G2 and Gartner Digital Markets’ Network Sites Capterra and Software Advice.

Qgiv’s nonprofit clients provided feedback across top software review sites, securing multiple awards from G2, placement in Capterra’s Shortlist Report, and Software Advice’s Front Runners Report for Qgiv.

LAKELAND, Fla., April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Qgiv, a leading provider of nonprofit fundraising technology, has received multiple awards based on ratings submitted by Qgiv users to software review sites G2, Capterra, and Software Advice. The awards cover a range of topics, including top fundraising software, quality of customer support, ease of implementation, and ease of use.

Qgiv was named by G2 as the leader in fundraising software, as well as the fundraising platform that provides the best results for its users. G2 has created a variety of software product rankings based on data from over 1 million reviews from verified users. These coveted awards from G2 were supplemented with accolades from both Capterra’s Shortlist Report and Software Advice’s Front Runners Report.

“At Qgiv, we take great pride in putting our nonprofit clients first and are incredibly honored to once again be recognized as a fundraising technology leader by the nonprofits we serve,” said Todd Baylis, president and co-founder of Qgiv. “To meet and exceed client expectations, Qgiv’s Customer Experience team functions as the backbone of our product enhancement process. We take client feedback we’re given and proactively reach out to the nonprofits we serve for feedback so we can offer a product that’s affordable, modern, intuitive, and meets the needs of nonprofits in an increasingly digital world.”

Placement in Capterra’s Shortlist Report is based on favorable user ratings and product popularity, while placement in Software Advice’s Front Runners Report is based on user reviews that measure a product’s usability and customer satisfaction. Verified user reviews left on G2 resulted in Qgiv receiving 15 different award badges in G2’s Spring Report, including the following:

  • Best Results - G2’s Best Results Index is calculated based on return on investment and how likely a nonprofit is to recommend Qgiv to a friend.
  • Best Estimated ROI - The ROI index is calculated based on the time taken for a product to achieve a return on investment and the time it takes for the product to go live.
  • Best Relationship – The relationship Index category is calculated based on customer satisfaction doing business with Qgiv, quality of support, and how likely a client is to recommend Qgiv.
  • Best Support - The Support Index category is calculated based on quality of support and ease of doing business with Qgiv.
  • Easiest Setup - This award is given based on customer satisfaction with the set-up process for each product.
  • Fastest Implementation - The Fastest Implementation product in the Implementation Index had the shortest go-live time in its category.
  • Easiest Admin - The Easiest Admin index is calculated based on customer satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes.

To read reviews from Qgiv customers, visit Qgiv’s G2, Capterra, and Software Advice profiles. To learn more about Qgiv’s fundraising tools and how they can benefit your nonprofit, visit www.qgiv.com and request a demo.

About Qgiv: Qgiv, Inc. is a leading digital fundraising platform empowering 13,000+ nonprofit fundraisers to raise money for their causes while keeping costs low. Through online giving and event registration forms, text fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and auction events, Qgiv provides a full suite of fundraising solutions that integrate with industry-leading CRMs and email providers to provide a personalized giving experience for donors. Founded in 2007, they now serve more than 6,000 nonprofits in the US and Canada who have collectively raised over $2 billion using Qgiv’s platform. Qgiv is known for their free, award-winning customer service, customizable platform, and flexible pricing. Qgiv is committed to helping people fulfill their passion to make a difference for others by equipping fundraisers with tools and educational resources to advance their knowledge and move their missions forward. To learn more, visit www.qgiv.com.

Qgiv became a Sphere company in 2019 to strengthen its impact on the nonprofit sector. Sphere, a Waud Capital Partners private equity portfolio company, offers over 20 years of expertise in payment processing, finance, and data privacy to keep Qgiv and its nonprofit customers at the forefront of compliance and payments.





Qgiv Named Top Fundraising Software by G2 and Gartner Digital Markets’ Network Sites Capterra and Software Advice.

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