Xevant Announces Release of the New PBM Playbook

Leveraging its expertise in the PBM industry, Xevant publishes an ebook focused on leaving antiquated practices behind in lieu of innovative alternatives.

LEHI, Utah, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xevant, the leader and creator of automated data analytics for pharmacy benefit organizations, announces the release of The New PBM PlaybookUnleashing the true potential of technology in healthcare. The ebook is available now and can be downloaded for free at www.xevant.com/the-new-pbm-playbook/.  

Clearly, PBMs and stakeholders managing complex pharmacy benefits have a lot on their current plates, with even more coming. To keep up with rapidly changing healthcare needs, access, costs, and utilization, pharmacy benefit professionals need to be on top of their game. PBM experts can't afford to be left behind by relying on outdated thought processes, methods, and policies. It's time to create growth opportunities within the PBM industry while continuing to prioritize positive health outcomes and lower costs. 

The New PBM Playbook introduces the latest tech-enabled pharmacy benefits tools and practices using real-time AI and automation to manage, analyze, and report on pharmacy benefits. Chapters in the ebook explore the complex challenges of thriving in the pharmacy benefits market, the power of analyzing and harnessing big data, embracing artificial intelligence and automation, and how the new approach can lead to optimized internal processes and increased profits. 

Xevant CEO and Founder Brandon Newman said, "About 10 years ago, I realized that in the pharmacy benefits industry, stakeholders are always playing catch-up with new trends due to the lack of access to timely data. That's how Xevant was born." He continued, "We're excited to share our insights on how organizations can improve member health, reduce client and analytics costs, and reduce clinical oversight - all by addressing issues as they occur." 

The New PBM Playbook is an active ebook with fresh content being added periodically. Additional chapters will focus on strategies and actions supporting the principles of The New PBM Playbook that can be applied to your own business. 

About Xevant: Xevant's revolutionary pharmacy benefits platform infuses real-time automation throughout the data analysis process, accelerating and simplifying the painstaking task of report building for PBMs, TPAs, Health Plans, and Brokers. With Xevant, critical pharmacy analysis that took weeks, months or more can now be done instantly. The results are optimized business processes, reduced operating costs, and improved patient outcomes. For more information about how Xevant helps its customers deliver faster, more accurate results, visit www.xevant.com. You can also follow Xevant on LinkedIn.

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