Future of Farming: Sustainability & Health Meets AI

In Time for Earth Day, Healthy Soil Biomes partners with StoryFile to launch the first ever five expert Conversational Video experience

Los Angeles, CA, April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthy Soil Biomes (HSB) and StoryFile have launched an AI-powered conversational video experience with five experts to provide the public with engaging resources on how to create healthy farming methods. Just in time for Earth Day, these methods can help mitigate global issues like food/water scarcity and climate change. 

For the first time, StoryFile has networked multiple people’s StoryFiles and utilized its powerful AI-tool, Conversa, to let users have a conversation that can move between five Healthy Soil Biomes experts according to their area of expertise in areas such as bioreactors, farming, soil, and biodiversity. This revolutionary technology is the basis of Video 3.0, which allows for interactive asynchronous conversational video. Over 7,000 questions were asked of the Healthy Soil Biomes experts.

The partnership with StoryFile, along with its redesigned website, will enhance HSB’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable agriculture methods by empowering user experience through curiosity-led discovery, exploration, navigation and ease-of-use. The StoryFiles feature Bruce Burnworth, Chief Empowerment Officer of Healthy Soil Biomes; Dr. Cindy Daley, Director of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems (CRARS); Dr. Tim LaSalle, Co-Founder of the CRARS; Dr. David Johnson, Co-Creator of the Johnson-Su Bioreactor; and Soil Scientist Ray Archuleta. You can start talking to them now: https://healthysoilbiomes.cc/storyfile.

“StoryFile is a great way to tell the world our story about how healthy farm soil – soil with diverse microbial communities – can make the world better,” said Burnworth.  “Anyone with a smartphone can learn from our StoryFiles how healthy soil farm methods – no-till and multi-species cover crops – will take CO2 out of the air and put carbon deep in the ground where it helps plants thrive, increasing profits for farmers, and producing more nutritious food for our bodies.”

StoryFile CEO Stephen Smith said, “StoryFile is thrilled to announce its partnership with Healthy Soil Biomes and help expand the reach of their absolutely urgent message just in time for Earth Day. We’re proud that the advance in our technology – the ability to not just let users have conversations with the Healthy Soil Biomes experts but to let the experts essentially interact with each other – is being rolled out for a partner that quite literally is trying to save the Earth.”

HealthySoilBiomes.cc now features a variety of resources to help users learn more about creating healthy soils and the benefits it creates, including the StoryFiles of HSB experts.

Watch the explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=3O7v23qvU1M&t=1s

Media contact: Alana@StoryFile.com

About StoryFile:
StoryFile is making artificial intelligence more human. As the inventor of conversational video, the company was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles. Now the patent-protected technology it developed powers both the Conversa platform and a consumer version for home use, StoryFile Life. Conversational video allows users of all kinds to make deeper human connections whether it be for family history, commerce, customer service, education, or any collective human knowledge that needs to be shared. Conversa is the only SaaS solution that allows anyone to create and publish their own interactive conversational video content, and create the FAQ, the leave-behind, the chatbot, the explainer video, and more. With videos that talk back, StoryFile is revolutionizing the storytelling and communication industries. To learn more, visit StoryFile.com

About Healthy Soil Biomes:
Join the Healthy Soil Biomes Alliance to experience an extensive AI-powered digital conversation with Bruce Burnworth, Chief Empowerment Officer of Healthy Soil Biomes; Director of the CRARS, Dr. Cindy Daley; Co-Founder of the CRARS Dr. Tim LaSalle, Co-Creator of the Johnson-Su Bioreactor Dr.David Johnson, and Soil Scientist Ray Archuleta. This great technology provides users with resourceful information about the importance of soil health and the effect it has on farmers, consumers, our environment, and climate change. “Being an alliance member does not only provide great, resourceful information and updates to our alliances’ progress, but it will also allow members to receive soil savior points, which eventually will lead to discounts on merchandise.In the future we hope to further develop the Healthy Soil Biomes Alliance to be a platform where farmers around the world can connect and contact each other about their progress or discuss any management/methodology questions. We hope farmers can build a stronger community to create positive change to their farms, livelihood, and our Earth! To learn more, visit healthysoilbiomes.cc. 


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