Woodbridge Develops CO2 Neutral Automotive Seat Foam

TrimVisible™ BIO displaces petroleum-based materials in polyurethane seating foam to produce net-zero foam and reduce CO2 footprint

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woodbridge's scientists have developed a process to integrate biogenic carbon (biocarbon) in its purest form into the company's high-performing polyurethane seating foam chemistry. The new product, TrimVisible™ BIO, enables a cradle-to-gate reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint for seating foam without compromising material properties, performance and comfort. This technology ultimately contributes to the reduction in CO2 footprint for the lifetime of the vehicle.

The original TrimVisible™ (recognized for its black color) was released as a molded seat foam solution that provided a craftsmanship improvement and lower total seat system cost. TrimVisible™ pioneered the conversion of the molded seat foam market to black, and this global trend continues today. TrimVisible™ LE was the second generation offering that established a benchmark for low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and low odor performance in the industry. With the introduction of the company's third-generation, TrimVisible™ BIO, Woodbridge builds upon its market-leading family of TrimVisible™ products. TrimVisible™ BIO uniquely delivers lightweight performance and carbon-neutral impact, meeting the needs of the evolving automotive market and electric vehicle transition. 

How Woodbridge manufactures TrimVisible™ BIO
Woodbridge has partnered with a certified sustainable managed forest and developed a proprietary process to convert residue from lumber processing into a high-purity form of biocarbon. After a lifetime of net CO2 absorption, dead or decaying trees and forest waste are normally a source of CO2 emissions through decomposition or combustion as part of the biocarbon lifecycle. The Woodbridge process sequesters the biocarbon by effectively locking CO2 in a form that can be used to engineer solutions that significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of products. Woodbridge scientists have formulated chemistry to displace conventional urethane chemicals with biocarbon to manufacture TrimVisible™ BIO, a patent-pending technology that offsets the company's Scope 1 CO2 manufacturing emissions to net-zero.

"With the launch of TrimVisible™ BIO, we are now adding carbon-neutral foam products to our portfolio to help reduce global warming potential," said Mike Irwin, Vice President, Advanced Product and Chemical Technology. "I am pleased that this will enable us to support our customers in reaching their supply chain carbon reduction goals while displacing fossil fuel-based chemicals with a completely sustainable alternative."

Pioneering Other Global Sustainable Technologies
In addition to TrimVisible™ BIO, Woodbridge is developing a comprehensive line of products based on sustainable technologies. This includes both near- and long-term research and development (R&D) projects to advance circularity in the automotive supply chain as well as to increase environmentally friendly and bio-derived solutions to mitigate global warming potential and eliminate dependence on non-renewable technologies.

"Woodbridge is a world-leading seating foam manufacturer and is focused on bringing our customers climate-neutral, renewable, and sustainable technologies as a key part of our forward-looking product strategy," said John Zianis, President and CEO. "Through our R&D activities, we continue to find ways to succeed in replacing fossil-fuel-derived materials with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to improve our future competitive position."

About Woodbridge
With corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and automotive headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA, Woodbridge has more than 7,500 teammates in over 50 locations across 10 countries. The company offers material technologies for applications in automotive, commercial, recreational, packaging, healthcare and building products. It offers a full complement of services that includes consulting, technical support, chemical R&D and accredited laboratory testing. Learn more at woodbridgegroup.com.     

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