Harvest Trading Cap Academy joins Salvadoran authorities to train young people on Bitcoin

Harvest Trading Cap's educational entity, Harvest Trading Cap Academy gave its masterclass on cryptocurrencies in El Salvador, a country where bitcoin is officially regulated.

MIAMI, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Harvest Trading Cap Academy, Dominican leader in education on blockchain technologies, fintech and cryptocurrencies held an important meeting with government authorities, mayors of different municipalities and members of the congress of El Salvador, a Latin American country pioneer in regulating bitcoin in its territory due to the importance it represents for the current and future economy in the world.

As part of this approach Harvest Trading Cap Academy, academic extension of the Dominican financial group Harvest Trading Cap, successfully developed the event "Crypto MasterClass El Salvador" which was supported by the Jerusalem Foundation and was attended by financial technology experts Jairo González (MA), CEO of Harvest Group; Lic. Gregorix Polanco, director of Harvest Trading Cap Academy and Lic. Luilly Guichardo, Product Manager of Harvest Trading Cap.

Jairo González, who on occasions has called on Latin American countries to emulate the actions of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele regarding the legalization of bitcoin, under well-defined criteria and established controls, took advantage of this scenario to congratulate the approval of the Salvadoran parliament.

In the same way Jairo Gonzalez expressed feeling very grateful with the support they have been given since the first visits he and his team have made to the country, since then he has seen the revolution of new technologies and how they have been impacting all El Salvador and the world.

Since a decree in El Salvador authorized bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, the Dominican business group "joined this vision", with the aim of contributing to the advancement of that country in education, technology and finance.

Jairo Gonzalez took the opportunity to thank the Jerusalem Foundation chaired by Dr. Laura Ventura for being the bridge that has allowed Harvest Trading Cap Academy to deliver thousands of scholarships to the people of El Salvador, and to enable them to take full advantage of new technologies, which since the pandemic crisis has opened opportunities for investment in international financial markets.

"We admire the initiative led by its president, Nayib Bukele, who through an economic crisis in the local system, took refuge in bitcoins to solve all those problems that the country has been going through for years, because they provide a new opportunity to generate new resources," said Jairo Gonzalez.

For his part, the mentor of Harvest Trading Cap Academy, Luilly Guichardo, explained that cryptocurrencies are digital assets created with encryption technologies and that "they can be used freely, in a decentralized manner and without the need to depend on a direct financial entity".

On his side, economist Gregorix Polanco referred to the adaptation of innovative technical resources to give way to a totally technological and secure era, which began with the means of payment through plastic or metal cards issued by a financial entity. He said that the birth of this financial instrument revolutionized the way people pay.

The Crypto Masterclass was broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of Harvest Trading Cap Academy and that of the Secretariat of Innovation of El Salvador, where thousands of Internet users accompanied these three experts for about an hour in an exhibition of knowledge and tools on cryptocurrencies and new technologies.

The transmission, which in less than 24 hours of being shared reached thousands of views organically, was published on the platform for the enjoyment of all.

The event held at the Santa Ana Theater, was attended by special guests such as: Fabrizio Mena, Undersecretary of the Secretariat of Innovation of the Presidency; Claudia De Darin, General Director of Training in Technology and Public Management; Carlos Marroquín, Director of Reconstruction of the Social Fabric and José Luis Safie, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly. Also, Janeth González, Mayor of Tepecoyo; Samuel Rivera, Mayor of Colón; Juventino Mejía, Mayor of San Cayetano Istepeque; Alex Cabrera, Mayor of Talnique; José Amicat González, Acting Mayor of Santa Ana; Ever Valles, Mayor of Comasagua; Jorge Orlando Moran Zorriga, Mayor of Chalchuapa; César Godoy, Mayor of Zaragoza and Fernando Rivera, Mayor of Cuzcatacingo.

This call reflects the leadership of Harvest Trading Cap and Harvest Trading Cap Academy, and the continued importance of cryptocurrencies as economic tools in the financial world.

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Jairo Gonzalez  CEO of Harvest Trading Cap gives Masterclass in El Salvador The entire Harvest Trading Cap Academy team gives an important Masterclass.

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