Holberton partners with Arbutus College in Vancouver, Canada, with the launch of a Computer Science and Front-end Web Development Diploma

Arbutus’ Diploma in Computer Science and Front-end Web Development, which is drawn on Holberton’s OS of Education, will train the next generation of Web Developers in Canada

SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holberton, an education company focused on making first-rate software-engineering education affordable and accessible worldwide, just announced the launch of its partner’s first Computer Science and Front-end Web development Diploma using Holberton’s OS of Education.

​​“The digital transformation the world is currently experiencing is shaping the workforce and increasing the demand for experts in various programming languages who are skilled in converting data in ways that users can view and interact with, specifically through web applications and websites,” notes Alfredo Vasquez, Ph.D., Arbutus College Director.

Across the world, the need for tech talent is continually growing, and Canada is no exception. New job openings for web developers, software engineers, and designers in Canada over the next 10 years are expected to total 38,400. To best prepare its students to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world, Arbutus College of Communication Arts, Business, and Technology is now excited to offer a curriculum in Computer Science and Front-end Web Development.

The renowned institution collaborated with Holberton to develop this high-quality course. Using Holberton’s platform, Arbutus College has developed a customized 12-month program that fits the requirements of the Canadian market.

“We provide a learning management platform and curriculum based on our learnings and experience to make education accessible to the many. It is part of our mission to help institutions, such as Arbutus College, deliver quality education to enhance students’ success in the global workspace with the required set of technical and soft skills.” –Julien Barbier, CEO of Holberton.

Students will start with the essentials of business communication necessary in today’s corporate world before moving onto Holberton’s OS of Education platform. There, they will learn the basics of computer science and low-level programming using project-based and peer-to-peer learning methodology before progressing to higher-level programming and web development.

With the launch of this diploma, Arbutus College aims to prepare students for rewarding careers in front-end web development and equip them with skills that are in high demand throughout the tech industry.

About Arbutus College
Arbutus College of Communication Arts, Business and Technology (Arbutus College) was established in 2002 with the aim of providing students with a unique business and communication educational structure focused on student satisfaction and career readiness. www.arbutuscollege.com

About Holberton
Founded in Silicon Valley in 2015, Holberton’s innovative and flexible delivery of the “OS of Education” provides a unique portfolio of tools, auto-graded tailored curricula, and teaching methods to help its customers—education institutions, universities, corporations, and franchisees—successfully train the next generation of digital talent at scale. www.holberton.us

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