Delysium offers Pretest Alpha with 5000 Gamers involving Web2 and Web3

Los Angeles, May 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delysium is theWorld's first genuinely playable AAA blockchain game. It isa free-to-play, invitation-only Battle Royale, 5000 gamers with a live broadcast on Twitch. The first AAA game invites players to test and experience during the early stage.

As the World's first playable AAA blockchain game, Delysium provides its users the unprecedented Pre-Alpha Test, which covers 5000 professional gamers Spanning Web2 and Web3, on May 1st (07:00 PM PT). Delysium will also be the first AAA blockchain game to conduct multiple live Battle Royale on Twitch during the early development process. Delysium is invested in by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, Alameda Research, etc. 

Cyberpunk style, battle royale, MMORPG, open-world, UGC, etc., the most popular game modes that the largest group of gamers accepted are all included in Delysium (Click here to see the trailer ). Players can collect loot boxes by participating in various game types, such as PVE and PVP. They can also upgrade the character/weapon/clothing with higher numerical values and create weapon/cyber bodies with skins by themselves to co-create the ultimate, large-scale, decentralized gaming experience and an ecological gaming world.

Of all the blockchain games that claim to be AAA productions, very little contain genuine AAA quality and completeness that would allow players to participate in an actual test. But in Delysium's Pre-Alpha Test, players can directly experience Battle Royale for free. This Pre-Alpha Test is by invitation only - Delysium will release more than 5,000 test quotas and continue to announce the invitees' lists through a series of campaigns on TwitterDiscord, and other social media over the next two months. Besides, Professional gamers' large-scale live Battle Royale will launch on Twitch in Mid-May.

Development of Delysium is progressing very fast, with the Alpha Test expected to launch in July and the Beta Test to follow by the end of 2022.

These features make Delysium eagerly anticipated by gamers, allowing it to build up strong relationships with investors and guilds. Some guilds include Anthos Capital, Eureka Capital, Y2Z Ventures, Tess Ventures, Polygon, Zonff Partners, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Lucid Blue Ventures, and Unix Gaming, Ancient8, PathDAO, Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia, Mask Network, Smrti Lab, B1V and MetaSense DAO.

"We believe that one of the key features of Web3 spirit is openness and co-creation. That's why we decided to let Delysium go directly to our users in the early stage, inviting gamers to witness the results of our team's efforts and also help the game grow together. A real game, massive user participation, and countless valuable suggestions will help Delysium go faster and farther and eventually stand out from other 3A blockchain games. In the next stage, we aim to achieve more strategic partnerships with the vision to build a game-centric super-ecosystem in the Web3 industry. " said Yuheng Chan, CEO of Delysium & RCT AI.

A consensus is that blockchain games will be the entrance to the metaverse. Still, it faces a dilemma due to the low playability of simple mechanics and the slow progress of high-quality game projects. Delysium has quickly released the Pre-Alpha Test as a new entrant, undoubtedly breaking the deadlock and injecting a shot in the arm for both capitals and players.

About Delysium

A real open-world, vividly AI-powered, and completely player-owned MMO game that supports players in creating various personalized physical assets, narrative assets, and native AI MetaBeings.

With massive AI-powered MetaBeings in the player-created experience, Delysium builds an immersive, supreme, and dynamically generated open-world experience for all web3 vanguards worldwide.

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